Wrong strategy on Palestine!

Israel has been using the wrong strategy in relation to the Palestinian Arabs for a long time.  We have allowed ourselves to be out-maneuvered.

Their strategy is to oppose anything to do with Israel, to defame and to attempt to destroy Israel at every turn.  Not only do they use violence against us, terrorism and rockets, but they use every method to undermine our credibility using false media reports and they oppose us in every international agency, including all UN agencies.  The recent UNESCO fiasco is a good example, where they orchestrated a Muslim resolution to deny any Jewish connection to our Temple Mount (I won’t bother to consider the merits of their case). Their overall strategy is rejection, rejection of all things Israeli and Jewish.

And what has our strategy been.  We have tried to be accommodating to them, allowing them to organize, such as the PA and trying perpetually to stop their terrorist organizations and individual terrorists from attacking us.  We are always on the defensive, always mopping up the blood after the event, always trying to defend ourselves with the truth, that means nothing to them or their fanatical supporters.

I think it is about time we jettisoned this futile strategy and tried their approach.  We should reject anything to do with the Palestinians.  We should not allow our food and material exported to them, certainly not to Hamas-controlled Gaza.  We should cut off their water, oil and electricity, without which they would be totally screwed. Of course, the counter-argument is that if we did this they would gain sympathy because there would be a humanitarian crisis.  But, they already have this sympathy and then it might force them to care more for their own children than they care for killing ours.  And anyway the world can tolerate humanitarian catastrophes, as Aleppo, Syria, Mosul, Iraq, Somalia and so many other places attest.

We should initiate resolutions in all UN and international agencies denying the Palestinian Arabs any rights in our land.  We should point out that Mohammed never set foot in “Palestine,”  that the Muslims conquered the Land from us, the indigenous inhabitants, the Jews, and that we won it back fair and square in several wars.  Also, that international law supports our claims and we hold it too by right of conquest (England that conquered, the Scots, Welsh and Irish, America that conquered the Indians and Russia that conquered the Tartars, and many others, should recognise this right).

No more “two-state solution” – they don’t want one anyway, no more “illegal settlements”, no more “apartheid Wall,” let’s annex everything, make it all Israeli territory and expel anyone who opposes us.  There’s plenty of space for them together with the Syrian refugees in Jordan and in the vast spaces of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the now under-populated interior of Syria.  Isn’t the world fed up with this conflict already. Our new strategy should be expediency and reciprocity.  Let’s cut the Gordian knot, let’s get rid of the Palestinian problem, let it be their problem not ours.

4 thoughts on “Wrong strategy on Palestine!

  1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Check Mindset by Carol Dweck. Should teach harmful thinking and how to change it to positive thoughts.


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