The plot sickens

What the hell is going on with the FBI, the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and the Attorney General (AG) of the United States.  Let’s examine some of the events:

  1. On July 1 former Pres. Bill Clinton met with US AG Loretta Lynch on the tarmac at Phoenix airport for 25 mins.  This was a serious conflict of interest when his wife Hillary (who is running for President) was under investigation for serious crimes, including the failure to adequately protect US secrets by using her own private e-mail server against all advice and security regulations.
  2. A few days later on July 5, FBI Director James Comey made an unprecedented public statement saying that although Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” for using her private server, he did not find enough evidence of wilful intent to propose an indictment.  Now this statement was criticized at the time because it is not the responsibility of the Director of the FBI to make decisions about indictments that is the role of the AG and the DOJ.  One presumes that he discussed this matter with the AG before he announced such a weighty decision (presumably he was pressured).
  3. Although there had been thousands of e-mails released by Wiki-leaks, and many of them were incriminating, the DOJ failed to interview any of the people involved (including Hillary’s aides) under caution, giving them the legal right to refuse to answer questions.  Also, the DOJ allowed the Clinton aides to destroy their own laptops since they were not pressing charges against them, but a recent report indicates that the FBI prevented that and saved the laptops..
  4. During October, Wiki-leaks released thousands of e-mails hacked from John Podesto’s computer . Podesto is a long-time aide of Hillary and is currently her campaign chairman.    The question was how did Wiki-leaks come to have these e-mails and it turns out that Podesto’s e-mail system was probably hacked by a Russian source (whether Government or not is unknown).   Because of this Hillary’s camp accused Trump of being implicated with Putin, although the original hacking occurred in March and there is no evidence whatsoever for this accusation. Many of these e-mails are potentially harmful to Hillary’s legal situation.
  5. On Oct 28 (11 days before the election) James Comey sent a letter to many Heads of Congressional Committees saying that new evidence had come to light that required him to reopen the investigation against Hillary Clinton.  In fact the evidence was found on the laptop of former Congressman Anthony Weiner who is being investigated for crimes in relation to his “sexting” case, i.e. sending inappropriate messages and photos of himself to an underage girl, as well as other possible offences.  While investigating his laptop the FBI came across e-mails between Hillary and her chief aide Huma Abedin, who is Weiner’s wife.  The fact is that e-mails from Hillary Clinton, when US Secty. of State, that might compromise US security, should by law never have been on a laptop used by Weiner that was openly available (there are supposed to be 650,000 of them). This is a staggering abuse of US laws relating to secrecy.  [For those wondering how Huma Abedin, a known former Muslim Brotherhood operative, became the intimate advisor of the US Secty. of State and potentially the next President see ]
  6. It has been pointed out that James Comey issued his letter, that could seriously affect Hillary’s campaign, based only on the presence of such e-mails and before the actual content of the e-mails were investigated.  But, this can be explained by the fact that the mere presence of these e-mails on Weiner’s laptop constitutes a crime, as well as the fact that until this information was transferred to Comey the FBI had no legal right to peruse the contents of these e-mails not written to or from Weiner himself.
  7. Now the big question is what will happen?  It is now only 5 days before the election. Hillary cannot be indicted in that short time.  If she loses, then she might be indicted in due course.  But, if she wins, can the DOJ and the AG indict an elected President? What a scandal that would be.  You can expect some heads to roll at the DOJ and the FBI and knowing the Clintons this may be taken literally.
  8. All the above is without the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation for the so-called “pay for play,” i.e you give us money we’ll guantatee you access to public officals.  Now that is corruption and the CF received hundreds of millions of dollars form foreign interests while Hillary was Secty. of State.  What a scandal!
  9. And in addition to that Hillary lied to Congress when she denied knowledge of many things that she is now known to have been implicated in from the e-mail leaks.
  10. If she is elected she’ll spend all her time fighting the indictments. Oh, what a terrible situation that would be!

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