Mosul and Aleppo

How is it that two of the largest cities in the Arab world, Mosul and Aleppo, are being fought over and destroyed at the same time?  The explanation to this question is not hard to find; the first reason is that US Pres. Obama failed to support the democratic opposition to Pres Assad in Syria and also removed all US troops from Iraq and allowed ISIS to form the Islamic State in the vacuum. He should have known that the Iraqi Army was incapable of fighting IS and he should have known that by leaving a vacuum in Syria, Russia would step in to support Assad.  Failing to know these things were massive failures of US intelligence and of US policy.

Now there is a huge offensive of the renewed Iraqi Army and the Pesh Merga Kurdish army encircling Mosul to try to re-take it from IS, and a counter-offensive of the Syrian rebels, many of them Islamists affiliated with Al Qaeda, to push back the Assad/Iranian/Russian forces attacking eastern Aleppo. Both these cities that had populations of ca. 2 million people are now in ruins and are depopulated. Because of Obama’s failures hundreds of thousands of Arabs are being killed.  He is in fact a war criminal.

But, I don’t care at this point, because while the Arabs fight each other they leave us in Israel alone.  We are enjoying the weather, sitting outside in our coffee shops, while the Arabs bleed.  But it’s not our fault.  Note that Israel had nothing to do with any of this, thus destroying one of Pres. Obama’s favorite beliefs that solving the Israel-Palestine conflict would bring peace to the whole Middle East, how can such a man be taken seriously.

But he accomplished what Bibi Netanyahu never could, inadvertently destroying the military capability of both Syria and Iraq, a great advantage for Israel.  And by the way, that’s the second reason that Aleppo and Mosul are being destoyed and many thousands of Arabs are being killed, the proclivity of the Arabs towards violence.  Their whole way of life, their culture and their religion is based on killing anyone who disagrees with them. So the Sunni and the Shia kill each other, IS kills the Yazidis and the Christians in Iraq (there are no more Jews left there for them to kill), the moderate Sunnis kill the extremist Sunnis, Hizbollah kill the Sunnis, the Sunnis kill the Alawis.  Isn’t it wonderful, we can sit back while sipping our coffee and watch it all in living color on TV.


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