Groping is good

America is a highly sexualized society, every time you put on the TV you see men and women making love, fornicating!  Just  look at the movies produced by Hollywood, if sex were eliminated they would be silent movies again.  I don’t want to sound like a Christian preacher, fulminating against the evil of sex, on the contrary, I accept that this is not only natural, but is a consequence of the necessary drive for reproduction and the continuation of the species.  Further, the US Constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness and if sex does not contribute to happiness, I don’t know what does.

But, this exposes the sheer hypocrisy of many people, including feminists and US Senators, who have taken up arms against Donald Trump over the issue of whether or not he “groped” some women.  The fact is that most men want to grope women and many do.  It should not be done excessively or against the woman’s will, but let ‘s face it, this is what rich and powerful men do, they try to take advantage of women  and often succeed. But, if a woman doesn’t want to be groped she can usually escape it without much problem.

I write this, not so much in favor of groping, but rather against the hypocrisy and false prudishness of so many Americans, who hark back to the puritans who founded part of America. Times have changed and after the sexual revolution of the 60’s such incidents are not only relatively common, they are trivial.  Now in contrast, the use of a Government position to favor donors to enrich oneself is not only a serious lapse in moral judgement, but it is also a crime; as is using a private server for government e-mails, especially those that are considered secret.  For this any normal person would go to jail for many years, at least twenty.  Yet, someone who has undoubtedly carried out these infractions is running for president.  That is as we say is a shanda, a crying shame.


5 thoughts on “Groping is good

  1. Jack, it was not obvious to me that your remarks were intended to be satirical. Since I’m not sure which were, I hope you would agree that most rich and powerful men do not molest women; only those with poor impulse control. Unfortunately, the poor selection of presidential candidates in the USA is forcing partisans on either side to overlook or excuse a variety of evils in their party’s candidate. I do not trust polls, and in early voting, problems with ballots have already been reported, so many will question the election results, no matter who wins. With hundreds of millions of guns in circulation here, anything is possible post-election.


    • Addmittedly the situation it ripe for confusion and contention.
      My remarks were tounge in cheek. As I said I don’t really mean to approve groping.
      But, I did get your attention. I do think there is a great deal of hypcritical posturing.


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