The Nasty NGO Business

NGO’s or Non-Governmental Organizations, have become a big business, and particularly in the anti-Israel political game as it is played in the international arena.  In Israel and the West Bank there are ca. 100 NGO’s dealing with the general topic of “human rights,” which is a  euphemism for being anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.  This is more NGO’s per capita than there are in any other country in  the world.

There are only three NGO’s that are right-wing and the rest are left-wing.  Some are run by Israeli Jews, such as B’tselem, and some are run by Arabs, such as Adalah, but all of them are anti-Israel.  Almost all of their funding comes from foreign interests, including the EU, Germany, Sweden and the USA.  Thru this means, by funding buildings for Arabs (never Jews) and providing funding for “refugees” so that they can participate in demonstrations, these NGO’s strive to undermine and demonize Israel.  It is difficult to conceive that there is any other reason for their activities and for this funding other than the destruction of Israel and the death of its Jewish inhabitants. Hundreds of millions of dollars are poured into these NGO’s by foreign governments and private organizations. Nazi aims accomplished by other means.

For example, these NGO’s, under the cover of being humanitarian, organize demonstrations and publicize them thru connections with the liberal media .  Let me repeat that, they actually organize protests, such as that recurring at the Palestinian village of Bi’ilin, supposedly against the “wall” which is in fact a security fence, that was moved from its original location to accommodate the villagers by an Israel Supreme Court decision.  Yet, the demonstrations still go on, the NGO’s bring in volunteers, prepare signs for them protesting Israeli “occupation” and provide them with ample stones and other projectiles to throw at Israeli soldiers guarding their posts.  Then when the soldiers retaliate, as they ultimately must, they have the media lined up to take negative photos showing the IDF as being “repressive.”  Once they have the photos the media withdraw and the demonstration is over. For further details of this whole orchestrated process read “Catch the Jew” by Tuvia Tenenbom, who documents the culpability of the NGO’s by pretending to be a German journalist (actually he is a German journalist, but he has to hides the fact that he is a Jew).

What is most disturbing about these NGO’s is that they take it upon themselves to support Israel’s enemies as a part of the Palestinian movement and in cooperation with the most extreme anti-Israel positions.  For example, the UN Security Council is considering a resolution proposed by the Palestine Authority to force Israel to accept a Palestinian State and defining its borders without any Israeli input.  This is based on the assertion that all the Jewish settlements are illegal, which is untrue under international law, and which is contrary to all previous UN SC resolutions that require bilateral negotiations to determine the borders.

The Israeli Jewish NGO B’tselem gave secret testimony to the UN SC prior to the vote supporting the Palestinian resolution.  They may not agree with the Jewish settlements on the West Bank, but they are not authorized to give testimony before the UN SC. This is not only anti-Israel, but it is traitorous (like Lord Haw-Haw or Tokyo Rose broadcasting for the enemy in WWII).  This organization, funded largely by Germany, should be disbanded and its members tried for treason. This is madness.  No country allows its private citizens to give evidence against it before the  UN SC.  Why should Israel?  Currently a law is being considered in the Knesset to take action against Israeli citizens who endanger their own country in this way.


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