The Last Debate

Most opinion agrees that the last debate was the best of the three.  Chris Wallace did a great job in trying to keep it moving along and civil.  He asked more questions of substance than before and the answers he got were for the most part more on policy than on personal trivia.

Since I wrote my last analysis of the candidates, more women have come forward to accuse Trump.  However, it is difficult if not impossible to know whether or not they are honest. What is most disturbing is that a tape has been revealed that implicates the Clinton campaign in paying people to go to Trump rallies and deliberately disrupt them, including with violence.  If they do this, they are not above paying some women to accuse Trump.

In this debate the camera focussed on the candidate’s faces almost exclusively, and this was better.  Clinton appeared smiley and perky while Donald was more dour and bussiness-like.  He dressed in a dark suit, while she had her blonde hair and light suit that made a contrast. But, as far as the subject matter was concerned, she appeared to me to be too glib, always having a smooth answer, indicating lots of coaching, while he was as usual more spontaneous and more accusatory.

It is really impossible to say who won this debate since it depends so much on partisan opinions.  Whatever she says I don’t believe her, and whatever Trump says I am sure feminist liberals would completely discount it.  Of course, most of the media is liberal. What got most media attention was Trump’s refusal to acknowledge in advance that he would accept the outcome of the vote if it goes against him.  This is unprecedented.  Yet, he is on record as having twice agreed “absolutely” that he would accept it.  So this is merely a case of Trump manipulating the media.  Will this get him more support, I very much doubt it.

Since it has been said that no  President can be elected without the women’s vote, I fear that we are in for a Hillary Clinton victory.  But, don’t worry, she will have Barack Obama to advise her on foreign and domestic policy, Bill Clinton to advise her on moral issues and Huma Abedin and Max Blumenthal to advise her on the Middle East!


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