Leaping lizards

I got up in the middle of the night, at 3 am, to go to the toilet.  As I was walking into the corridor I saw something move across my path.  I quickly jumped so as not to tread on it. It gave me a fright.

We have a night-light in the corridor so my wife can find the toilet in case she gets up, so I switched the main light on and I was expecting to see a cockroach, but in fact it was a lizard.  It was about 3 inches (7 cm) long and a very light beigy-green color and it had stopped in the corner of the wall just above the wainscoting (I love that word).

At first I was inclined to let it go, and I touched its tail to make it run away, but it didn’t budge, I suppose it felt safe there.   But then I thought, I don’t like lizards running around in my house, so I ran into the kitchen and brought a plastic container and I thought I could catch it in that.  So I tried, but because it was in the corner I could not.  Then it suddenly tried to make a break for it and ran diagonally across the wall, and as it paused momentarily I managed to catch it under the plastic container.

By this time, hearing the commotion, my wife was awake, so I asked her to come and hold the plastic container against the wall while I went and found a piece of cardboard. Then I slid the cardboard between the container and the wall and it was trapped.  I did not eat it because it was Yom Kippur.  Anyway, I don’t think lizards are kosher, they don’t have cloven-hooves or scales.

I took it to the merpeset (balcony) and threw it over.  I hope it did not harm it, since my aim was to save it, but not in my house.  I hope it told it’s friends “don’t go to apt. 5, there’s a crazy guy there who will catch you and throw you over the balcony.”  But, then I also thought, it’s large daddy or mummy lizard might come looking for it, a kind of Kimodo dragon monster.  With those thoughts in my mind I found it hard to get back to sleep.


8 thoughts on “Leaping lizards

  1. Leaping lizards, that was so funny. I am sure he went back to his family, and said to them that he can be part of the IDF now, since he can land on the ground from extreme heights, without a parachute. Thanks for the laugh, Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!!!!


  2. The question is ‘How did it get in? Considering you are high up would seem to make it an impossible place for a lizard to get into. You made a career out of problem solving. So how did the lizard manage it?


  3. Jack, I should bloody well think that you found it difficult to get back to sleep. However, you did your good deed.

    Never kill a living creature, at least that’s what our Mum always told us. Shabbat Shalom, and love to you both.


  4. Some else with a better knowledge of lizards will probably know better, but don’t lizards eat flies and other nasties and aren’t they to be welcomed? With regard to how did it get there, it’s obvious: it used the lift.


  5. Wainscoting
    I love them, we lived in Indonesia about 18 years ago for 2 1/2 years, they called them chik chaks and they were everywhere, they loved to hide behind pictures on the wall and once my husband trapped one in the door jam cutting its tail off and making me scream out loud!, luckily it didn’t seem to harm it and we were told that the tail regenerates itself!
    I’ve never heard the word ‘wainscoting’ before.


    • Strictly speaking the noun is “wainscot” but in England we used to call it “wainscoting” which is actually the present participle of the verb to wainscot. “chik chak” in Hebrew is the name given to the little dash put above letters to change their pronunciation, e.g there is no “j” in Hebrew, so they put a chick-chak above the “g” letter gimel.


  6. Jack –

    I once found one in the washing- machine filter…after I’d done a wash……………..it was very clean…..and very dead!



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