The UNESCO Ruling on Jerusalem

UNESCO, the UN so-called “educational, scientific and cultural” organization, has declared that Jews have no historic connection with the Temple Mount, the holiest shrine in Judaism.  I am glad they did this, because it shows the lows to which the Muslim-dominated UN has sunken by denying reality and facts that are known to every school child. It should show those leftist and liberal Westerners, including many Jews, who are associated with the Muslims that they are people who deny reality in furtherance of political aims, that include not only denying Israel’s existence, but also denying Jews the right to exist.

While they are at it, I propose some modest further resolutions for the majority of Muslim dictatorships to pass at the UN:

  1. The moon is made of cheese – well-known to all UN Muslim members
  2. The earth is flat – because Mohammed said it was
  3. Christians have no connection to Jerusalem – only Muslims have rights there
  4. The Holocaust in WWII did not happen – but there will be a Holocaust in the future because the Jews are so evil.
  5. The Great Wall of China does not belong to the Chinese.
  6. The Eiffel Tower in Paris was built by Muslims 
  7. The House of Congress in Washington DC was originally a mosque
  8. Islam is a religion of peace

I could go on, but you get my meaning.  The Muslims in this respect.are no worse than those dictatorships of the past that perverted facts for political ends, the Nazis and the Communists.  Note that the UN was founded after WWII on the  Judeo-Christian principle that all-out war that murders millions of people is not only morally wrong, but must be stopped.  However, because of its democratic basis, the UN has been hijacked by the Muslim majority and the rest of the world is too cowed to do anything to oppose them.  Only a handful of states had the courage to vote against this absurd resolution.

It is a common trait that those who are evil, in order to cover up their true motives, ascribe their own faults to their enemies.  For example, Hitler in a speech said “If the Jews want war, we’ll give it to them…”  Thus, if you search the Koran you will find NO mention of Jerusalem!  Note that Jerusalem was captured by the Muslims in 639 ce, 7 years AFTER the death of Mohammed (unless the Muslims want to change the dates).  So that the myth that Mohammed visited the Mosque of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is impossible. It is based on a story in the Koran that he visited “the northern-most mosque” which at that time was in Arabia, and it is a ridiculous stretch to identify that with Jerusalem, which at that time had NO mosque!!!  The Dome of the Rock was not constructed until 691 ce. So if anyone has NO connection to Jerusalem it is the Muslims, theirs was purely invented after the fact.

Note that there are several aspects of Muslim Sharia Law that are objectionable, first is that all non-Muslims are infidels and can be killed unless they accept Islam, and second is that the penalty for apostasy (changing your religion from Islam) is death!  This is how Islam spread and became a majority, kill all those who disagree and all those who want to leave.  Quite different from the Judeo-Christian tradition (although the Inquisition was no better).  Whoever said that Islam is a religion of “peace.”






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