Disproportionate force!

Which is the only country in the world accused of using disproportionate force?  The answer is, of course, Israel.  Yet the Russians are blasting Aleppo to rubble, killing up to 200 people a day, with no effective resistance (the rebels have no air force and no anti-aircraft weapons), and yet NO-ONE has accused them of using disproportionate force!  Not only that, the Russians and their Syrian allies have been committing war crimes, by deliberately targeting hospitals and humanitarian convoys, to which they had previously given approval.

As UK FM Boris Johnson pointed out in the House of Commons, the attack on the convoy occurred at night and only the Russians have the ability to hit targets at night.  This is not an alleged war crime as is so often levelled against Israel because of an errant shell, this is deliberate bombing of humanitarian targets, yet where are the demonstrations, as Boris Johnson pointed out, there are none at Russian embassies.  Where are the “human rights” activists who tear down symbols of capitalism whenever Israel counter-attacks its enemies after receiving thousands of missiles fired at its population centers?  In other words, it’s not really human rights that they are concerned about (as we knew anyway), and the Russians can get away with murder, literally, and the moral crusaders don’t care.

I have no special concern for Syrian civilians, by and large they hate us, as Israelis and Jews, and they would certainly kill us if they could. But, what disturbs me is the careless double standard.  Russia can bomb a large city originally containing 2 million people, now reduced to some 250,000, and continue to hit hospitals and convoys whenever it wants, and not a peep out of the holier-than-thou human rights movements and the usual suspects, always willing to come out to demonstrate against the one small Jewish state surrounded by evil enemies. And when Pres. Putin occupies Crimea and attacks Eastern Ukraine, not a whimper, and when he goes further and grounds Aleppo into the dust, killing mostly women and children on a daily basis, not a sound from the anti-war coalition.  Note that the US “shock and awe” campaign against Iraq in the Gulf War was another case of the use of disproportionate force when tens of thousands of civilians were killed, but that was quickly glossed over.

In its Operation Defensive Shield against Gaza by common agreement ca. 2,200 people were killed.  But, of these at least 800 were Hamas and other combatants (usually operating in civilian  clothes), so ca. 1,400 civilians were apparently killed in a densely populated small area.  And there were wide-spread organized demonstrations throughout the Western world, some of which were violent and destructive.  But, in Syria, ca. 650,000 people have been killed at a conservative estimate in 5 years of war, and not a single major anti-war demonstration has been seen.  This is blatant hypocrisy!


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