The Media and the Candidates

I am definitely not a supporter of Hillary Clinton.  But, I am not a strong supporter of Donald Trump either.  I regard the choice given to us by the US electoral system as the lowest common denominators and I have to choose the lesser of the two evils.  But, I have recently watched the media and come to my own conclusions about media distortion.

I happened to watch Trump’s talk and answering questions to a group of military men, VFW including many generals.  His talk on cyber warfare was very good and in answering questions he was informed and balanced.  He said he wanted to expand the military, which I am sure reflects his own views as well as playing to the audience.  But, he was not endorsed by this group. In answering one question about PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) he said that there were some men who could not take the stress of warfare but the US should provide all possible medical support for them.  Nothing untoward in his answer.  Yet, the following day I heard the media attacking him for suggesting that the US military were “weak” and not able to take the stress of warfare and VP Biden in a speech attacked him.  A clip of Biden’s speech was shown, but not Trump’s original answer.  Certainly a case of media distortion.

About Trump’s tax situation.  Clearly his 1995 tax return was leaked to embarrass him, since he took an almost b$1 income loss, enabling him to pay no taxes for up to 18 years. But, there is nothing unlawful or wrong about this, in fact millions of Americans have used this legal method by taking a corporate loss to defray their taxes.  Also, it was concluded overwhelmingly by the press that he therefore was avoiding paying taxes and Clinton herself lambasted him for this. But, this was his personal tax form and only one of them. Not only don’t we know the subsequent 20 years of his tax returns, so it is purely speculation, but also his companies paid millions of dollars of real estate taxes on buildings they constructed, not to mention the taxes paid my his tens of thousands of employees. Another case of media distortion and bias.

Finally, I am outraged by the news that the US Dept of Justice gave the FBI permission to destroy the hard drives of about 20 computers of employees of Hillary Clinton when she was Secty. of State.  In the opinion of lawyers this was an illegal act, since these drives were being held as evidence in a high level case being investigated against Clinton and there was no reason to destroy them rather than retain them as evidence.  The only reason to destroy them was to destroy incriminating evidence and that is almost certainly what this was, an illegal act.  But who will investigate and prosecute them, the FBI or the DOJ?  By the way this information was almost certainly leaked by FBI personnel who are against this kind of corruption.  One more case of Clinton avoiding prosecution with the complicity of the FBI.

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