The First Debate

I watched the first debate between the presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I was somewhat disappointed in Donald, he seemed to lack the agression that he had shown before.  He never called her “lying Hillary” and did not attack her record on the e-mail server nearly enough and on Benghazi not at all.  Hillary seemed perky and poised while Donald seemed dour.  She smiled while he glowered.  She attacked him more and after the first 20 mins or so he seemed  to be constantly on the defensive, over the Obama birth problem, over his company, over the cyber issue.  Some mainstream media gave Hillary the debate by a 2:1 margin.  Yet, the on-line social media gave Trump the victory by a wide margin, of up to 4:1.

Because I know about Hillary’s lying and apparent immunity to FBI scrutiny and indictment, I still could not vote for her.  She is getting away with crimes for which ordinary people would certainly be indicted and go to jail. Whatever happened to equal before the law. Perhaps Donald was showing that he can be “Presidential,” by not attacking her constantly and by being more  deferential he established that he is in fact a credible candidate.  Several of the issues that she raised against him, the birther issue, the racism charge, the name calling of women, were I think low blows and inappropriate, especially the charge that he attributed climate change to the Chinese, that has been shown to be false and she surely knows this.

It was suggested that the choice of topics were favorable to Clinton, for example, the migration issue was not raised at all.  Given that this has been a prime issue in causing the Brexit and may bring down the whole EU and has been a major issue in the campaign regarding Mexico, that was rather surprising.  Donald tried to make a strong case against Hillary on the current status of the US on her watch.

In the final analysis, I doubt that many minds were changed.  The polls put them neck and neck, but Donald Trump may increase his vote because people are tired of the whole perky, smiling politician role that Hillary plays so smoothly.  Everyone knows that she is in fact a lying criminal who has used her government position for reaping hundreds of millions of dollars of donations for the Clinton foundation. Why was this issue not mentioned?

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