Netanyahu’s Optimistic Speech

PM Netanyahu’s speech at the UN General Assembly in NY was the most optimistic speech ever from an Israeli PM.   Not only did he predict that the routine anti-Israel bias of the majority of States at the UN would in the near future change dramatically, but he also predicted that at some time in the near future even the Arab States would openly admit that Israel is not their real enemy.  The threats to them come from IS and Iran, not from Israel. Indeed, Israel is one of the few powerful neighbors with shared interests that can become their ally.  Israel is a leader not only in technology, but also in anti-terrorism and in intelligence gathering and analysis.  Netanyahu basically said that the time for demonization and irrational antagonism towards Israel is over.

Above all, he thanked the USA for its friendship and unbreakable bond and support.  After visiting four African States a few months ago, PM Netanyahu was about to have a meeting with the heads of 17 African countries, a historic change-around.  He pointed out that Israel, the innovator country,.had a lot of new ideas to share with them.  He mentioned that Israel recycles 80% of its waste water, compared to only 20% for the next in line, and as far as water is concerned Israel is a world power.  Also in the area of cyber security Israel is far ahead of most countries.  And he revealed that discussions are going on with several of the Sunni Arab States that could lead to a peace agreement between them and Israel.  He particularly thanked Pres. Al-Sisi of Egypt for facilitating these discussions.

Netanyahu stated that the reason the Palestinians have not made peace with Israel is that they cannot accept the existence of a Jewish State, it has nothing to do with settlements per se, they were attacking Israel long before there were settlements.  Also, he contrasted the hatred inculcated in Palestianisn children for Jews compared to the education for peace in Israeli schools.  He mentioned the adulation of terrorists as martyrs in Palestinian culture and the fact that Palestinian officials constantly urge their people to “slit the throats of Jews” and even Pres. Abbas calls murderous terrorists “heroes.”  He ridiculed Abbas’s statement at the UN that the PA intends to sue the UK over the Balfour Declaration that is 100 years old.

Nevertheless Netanyahu reitereated his support for the “two-state solution,” and offered to meet Abbas any-time, any-where, and invited him to speak to the Knesset in Jerusalem and he would speak to the Palestine Assembly in Ramallah.  He agreed with Pres. Obama that peace can only come in bilateral negotiations, not through resolutions passed at the UN in NY.

Finally he identified Iran as the only serious threat to Israel.  But he said that Israel is capable of defending itself against all enemies and he vowed that Israel will never allow Iran to develop a nuclear capability.

For the actual transcript of the PM’s speech, with a video at the end, go to:



One thought on “Netanyahu’s Optimistic Speech

  1. This is off topic but there is a humorous article in the Jewish News (U.K.) about supermarket queuing in Israel you might like to read. It’ll make you laugh.


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