The President’s Bias

In his final speech at the UN General Assembly, Pres. Obama devoted only two sentences to the Israel-Palestine problem. No longer did he mention his previous firmly held belief that all conflcits in the Middle East stems from the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  It was nonsense when he said it then and its nonsense now.   Typically, he equated Palestinian incitement (he did not mention their continuing terrorism) with Israeli settlements and occupation of “Palestinian land.”

There is no such thing as “Palestinian Land” except in the imagination of those liberals who insist that the Palestinians deserve a State and therefore they proactively assign Land to the Palestinians.  Just owning private land does not make a claim to sovereignty.  But, where is this “Land”?  Is it the West Bank or is it intended to be more extensive than that? Is it Israel itself?  Of course, no Palestinian will ever acknowledge that Israel has any right to any of the Land that was the former British Mandate of Palestine.   While under international law, Israel is the only sovereign entity that has legitimate claim to all the Land of the British Mandate that was held in trust for the formation of a Jewish Homeland.

That a President of the USA can be so flexible with the truth is certainly worrying.  But where Obama is concerned, by repeating these propagandistic statements over and over again he deliberately undermines Israel’s legitimacy.  It is about time a President of the USA, especially one who has just signed a 10 year military deal with Israel, would come out and wholeheartedly support its only democratic and strong ally in a dangerous region.  But, not Obama, he is weak and indecisive.  Let’s hope his successor will do better, and that certainly couldn’t be Hillary Clinton, otherwise known as Obama II.


One thought on “The President’s Bias

  1. The best thing one can say is two fold concerning Obama:
    A. He has saved Jimmy Carter from the bottom of pile of worst Presidents in the last 100 years.
    B. His days are numbered and there are some people who are counting down every second


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