Terrorism in the USA and Israel

When there was an explosion in New York that injured 29 people, the media immediately said it was probably not a terrorist incident.  When a loaded pressure cooker was found a few blocks away the authorities said, well it’s probably unconnected.  Then there was an explosion in New Jersey by a beach run for charity for the military, but there couldn’t be any connection between these incidents.  When on the same day there was a stabbing of 8 people at a mall in Minnesota, obviously it was purely coincidental.  We all know that Islam is a religion of peace, and there is no such thing as “Islamic terrorism” (shush, don’t even mention it).

But, once they found fingerprints on the unexploded pressure cooker bomb, very similar to those used by the Tsarnaev brothers to blow up the Boston marathon that killed 3 people. And once they had traced them to a certain  Ahmed Khan Rahami, a Afghani naturalized US citizen, who lives in Elizabeth, NJ.  And once they found him walking down a street in Linden NJ, and he shot at police officers, and was shot and wounded, there was no chance to avoid it. Islamic terrorism had struck again in the USA.  Not only that, it was coordinated and relatively sophisticated.  Pres. Obama, had a hard time talking about it and not mentioning “Islamic terrorism” (is there any other kind these days?)  The repercussions of this series of incidents will be enormous, far greater than their actual seriousness (unlike the WTC attack of 9/11).  It means that with all their sophisticated electronics and the billions of dollars spent on Home Security, a few Muslims were able to perpetrate terrorism in the USA without prior detection.  Not a good sign.

Meanwhile in Israel there was an upsurge of terrorist incidents, with 8 occurring in the past few days. So-called “lone wolf” knifing, shooting and ramming attacks have been perpetrated around Jerusalem and on the West Bank for a year, but recently there was a lull. Now we know it was a false calm.  Pres. Abbas immediately came out and pronounced the dead terrorists (most of them are shot dead immediately) as martyrs and heroes, even though he claims to be against terrorism (pull the other leg). Of course, foreign donations (from the USA, Australia, Germany, UK , France and the EU, your tax dollars at work) are used to reward the families of the terrorists for their “sacrifice.”

In response, PM Netanyahu announced that there will be a doubling of the number of security forces spread throughout the region during the Jewish High Holy Days that are coming next week. However, to avoid Israeli casualties simple measures could be taken.  I for one was shocked to see a video in which an Israeli officer allowed a Palestinian youth to come close to him to show him some papers, and he then quickly drew a long knife and stabbed the officer several times, before he was shot.  Whatever happened to reasonable precautions, why not keep these dangerous youths at least at arm’s length, when will we ever learn not to trust them.


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