Because my 10-year US passport expired less than 2 weeks before my planned trip I had to apply for an emergency passport at the US Embassy.  I made sure I arrived on time for my appointment at the Embassy at 8 am Friday morning, by leaving home in Netanya at 6.30 am.  Since it was Fri and hardly any traffic at that time, I arrived at 7.15 and found parking at a public underground lot nearby. Imagine my horror when I arrived at the Embassy at 7.30 am to find a queue of about 30 people.

But, not to worry, they were all Israelis applying for visas.  I was sent to a separate line for US citizens, where I was the only person at first.   You are not allowed to take electronic devices into the Emb. So I had to put my belt back on and collect all my things and go outside and leave my cell phone at a nearby store, for a small fee.  I was embarrassed when I returned and they found my tablet inside my case, I forgot that I took it to read something.  Had to take that back too.  But no problem, except I had nothing to read inside.

After waiting for a while they took my papers and checked them, then said come back at 2 pm.  They never mentioned that in the previous e-mails.  Rather than drive home and back again, I opted to take Miriam’s advice and took a taxi to the Tel Aviv Museum.  But, it was boring, I’d seen it all before.  I took a stroll around and then went to the café and ate chocolate cakes and read a book on my tablet for about 2 hrs.  Then I took a taxi back and was inside the Embassy again by 1.30 pm.  But, I had to wait until 2 pm to get the passport and then I was home by 3 pm.  A long day, but worth the wait. The passport is just like a normal one, but a little thinner and valid only for 6 months.

Here is the message I sent to my friends and family: “dust off the plastic flowers, put out the Hanukkah lights, bake a cake, I’m coming.”   I’ll be away for about 2 weeks, so there will be a hiatus in my blogs.  Some of you will miss my daily missives, but some of you will be pleased to have a break, like me. Hasta la vista, l’hitraot, bye-bye for now.


4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. So glad that everything worked out in the end, now you can go without apprehension. Enjoy your time in the States, say hello to Miami for us. Have a safe trip there, and a safe trip back. Take care of yourself.


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