Lessons of the Shoah

Recently I had an exchange of views with an American Jew who is a survivor of the Shoah. He was preaching liberal views, as is quite common for survivors in America, i.e. we must be nice to immigrants, after all we were once immigrants, we must be liberal and accept others just as they accepted us, we must be tolerant.  I mentioned this to my friend here in Israel who is also a survivor of the Shoah and his comment was, “who should I learn tolerance from, the Germans, the Poles, the Ukrainians, none of them showed us any tolerance, so why should I learn tolerance?”

It is clear that different people take different lessons from surviving the Shoah.  Some, like George Soros, does everything he can with his vast wealth to destroy Israel, while at the same time supporting Russia and other nations.  He also supports Pres. Obama, not another friend of Israel, as well as most liberal causes.

I think my friend has the right idea.  When Jews were being murdered by the hundreds of thousands in Europe during WWII, it was because they were powerless, they had no means to defend themselves.  As my friend said, “if you don’t have sharp teeth and claws you are dog-meat.”  We don’t like to speak about this, but Jewish men were impotent, unable to defend their families.  Jewish women were raped, Jewish children were murdered and the men were killed too.  Should this make the survivors liberals?  I think not. The only guarantor of the survival of the Jewish people is the IDF.  Being liberal in America is nice, but it will not ensure Jewish survival.


One thought on “Lessons of the Shoah

  1. Unfortunately you are right. I also believe in liberal social ideals, but I woke up with a start,during the last war two years ago. I realized that a lot of my friends and many other people in America, that I thought had views like myself, did not. They thought that Israel was to heavy handed, and sympathized with the people in Gaza, not with Israel. It was a real eye opener. We are truly blessed to be living in Israel, and watching the IDF do their job of defending the Jewish people. With Antisemitism on the rise all over the world, Israel is the best chance of survival the Jewish people have.


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