A simple a/c repair

One night as usual I went to turn off the central a/c with the remote control, but it did not work.  I tried again and again and then I was surprised to find that the remote control was wet.  I opened it up and it was even wet inside.  The remote usually sits on the wall just below the electronic switch that turns the a/c on/off that is located on the ceiling.  Then I saw that water was dripping down from the hole where the wire comes through the ceiling just above the electronic switch.

So I went into our bedroom, climbed onto the chest of drawers and looked inside the crawl space (boyden) where the a/c fan unit is located and found that water was dripping from the a/c fan unit and the floor of the boyden was soaking wet.  This has happened before. The hose that takes the condensed water out from the a/c connects on the bottom left of the unit and previously the hose was blocked and the water overflowed and it flooded the bathroom below.  But this time water was also dripping out of the right of the unit and was seeping through the hole where the wire exits to the switch.

I realized that the outlet hose was blocked again.  So I disconnected the hose and tried to blow it out (with my mouth as I’ve seen techncians do it before), but I didn’t know if it cleared or not.  Then I needed to switch the a/c off, but could not since the remote didn’t work and there is no manual switch.  Then Sahlee our carer suggested switching off the electricity at the mains board outside (why didn’t I think of that).  So I went there and there is a specific switch for the a/c, so I turned that off and then when I checked in the boyden the dripping had stopped.  So I called an a/c guy that had been here before and he said he would come the following afternoon.

But I woke up at 5 am the next morning and was thinking about how to fix the a/c.  There was a plastic bowl that I had put under the left side of the unit where the hose connects to collect dripping water.  It was full of water and I could not take it out without spilling all the water.  So I worked out the steps I would have to take to solve the problem.  I got up at 6 am and systematically began the process.  I first removed the TV that stands on the top of the chest of drawers because I remember that last time I did this about a year ago I knocked the TV down and it fell on the floor, but it still worked OK.  Anyway this time I disconnected it and removed it.  I then put a small stool on the chest of drawers to extend my reach into the boyden.

Then I placed an absorbent floor cloth into the water in the bowl and that soaked most of the water up, and then I removed the bowl and also disconnected the hose from the unit.  Once again I blew through it and this time it seemed clear.  Then I attached a small plastic funnel to the hose and  poured the rest of the water into that and I was happy when I ran to the window and saw the water exit from the end of the hose far below onto the ground.  But, to be sure I dripped some specially concentrated solution (containing copper salts) that kill algae that tend to grow in the flowing water and block the hose.  Then I poured water containing detergent through to remove bubbles and this also poured out the other end onto the ground.  Then I reconnected the hose and replaced the empty bowl underneath it.

I had left the remote control open on the table overnight with the batteries taken out. Now I reinserted the batteries and the remote was working.  So I turned the a/c on at the mains and then tested the remote and it worked perfectly, turning  the electronic switch of the a/c on and off.   I went back to the boyden and checked that all was OK, I mopped up the rest of the water and made sure that water was dripping out of the end of the hose onto the gound when the a/c was running.  I used to do this regularly but I had forgotten, a simple but necessary check.

Finally, later that morning, I was glad to be able to call the a/c repair guy back and tell him not to come, since I had fixed the problem myself.  And I had prevented a worse flood in the bathroom. Later on we ate lunch out on the money I saved by fixing this simple a/c problem myself.


3 thoughts on “A simple a/c repair

  1. Jack, Glad you fixed it, but it’s a miracle you didn’t break your bloody neck in the process. Needless to say, all’s well that ends well. Love to Naomi.


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