Olympic sportsmanship – Arab style

At the Rio Olympics, all athletes, coaches and officials took the Olympic oath to uphold the values of sportsmanship and not allow personal and national issues to interfere in their performance or judgements.

Soon after that as the Israeli team were about to board a bus at the stadium, a group of Lebanese athletes already aboard protested and their coach barred the way and would not allow the Israelis to board.  To overcome the situation the Brazilian officials tried to break up the Israeli team onto other buses, but the Israeli security prevented that, because they could not protect the team on many buses.  So an extra bus was called in to take the Israelis. Talk about segregation.  Imagine if that had happened with a Black team.

After a very brief investigation the Olympic officials decided that nothing untoward had happened and dismissed the affair.  But, what about their oath, doesn’t it mean anything? Can they in fact then cheat in their performances and be prejudiced in their judgements and get away with it?  In another example, a Saudi judoka refused to participate in a match that might have resulted in her competing with an Israeli in the next round.  And in another case a Lebanese judge gave an Israeli a fault when there was no evident reason for it.  Lastly an Egyptian judoka El Shahaby was booed and warned by the judge when he refused to shake the hand of the Israeli Or Sasson who had just beaten him in a match.

How can you run an Olympic Games under these conditions.  All Arab/Muslim teams should be put on notice that they will be dismissed from the games if they show such racist bias against Israelis.  How different is that from the Russian athletic team not being allowed to participate for drug test cheating?   If they are not warned then we can conclude that the oath in fact means nothing, as we suspected.


One thought on “Olympic sportsmanship – Arab style

  1. Look at the bright side.

    Any event at which the Muslims don’t kill anybody is a good one.

    Let us hope this is such an event.

    How many daze to go?


    PS It we entered all sports, it would drive the “faithful” from the games


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