Palestinian thievery

There have been two recent cases of Palestinians employed by international organizations being caught with their “hand in the till,” diverting money to Palestinian terrorist causes.

The first was Mohammed Halabi, who was employed by the international Christian aid organization World Vision, who was found to have stolen ca. m$7.2 amounting to  ca. 60% of the funds donated and diverting that to Hamas.  As a senior Manager of World Vision in Gaza he forged receipts and inflated orders and managed to divert funds to Hamas for its use to build attack tunnels and buy arms and prepare for the next war in Gaza.  All of this money was contributed by Christians in order to help the Gazan people, including humanitarian aid and for the handicapped, those who are who are still suffering from the last war started by Hamas when it fired 100 rockets a day into Israel.  But, the anti-Israel stance of WV makes it suspicious that the organization itself is culpable for this travesty.

The second case was a Palestinian worker at the UN aid office in Gaza, Waheed al Borsh, who diverted m$2 to Hamas.  He was employed in the UN Development Program in Gaza. THis Program too is conspicuously pro-Palestinian,   Both were arrested by Israeli authorities when they attempted to return to Gaza after a visit outside.  These Palestinians were supposed to honestly handle large sums of money sent to help improve the situation of the Gazan people.  But, they preferred instead to help Hamas prepare to wage another war.  This is why the situation of the Palestinian people does not improve.

The corruption of the PA government in the West Bank is well-known and literally billions of dollars donated by American, European and Japanese donors has gone into the pockets of the politicians and not into helping improve the lives of the Palestinian people.  One wonders why they don’t stop this ridiculous waste of money when everybody knows that it’s happening.  While Abbas is in charge of the PA and Hamas is in charge of Gaza nothing will change.


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