Not Trump?

Suppose Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed the following policy to get rid of drugs in America, he would warn all drug addicts and drug dealers that if they did not give themselves up to the police within 24 hours, the police would come looking for them and if they resisted arrest they would be shot, on the spot, no questions asked.

Libertarians might be shocked by this kind of undemocratic means, but in fact it is working in the Philippines, where new President Duterte, called the “Philippino Trump,” issued such a warning. Duterte came to public prominence there when he was Mayor of a small town in southern Philippines, Davao City. where drug use was rife and he stamped it out by giving the police shoot to kill orders.  He cleaned up the town and this led him to run for President and he won.

Within 24 hours of Duterte issuing this warning over 100,000 drug addicts and drug dealers had given themselves up.  The drug addicts are also afraid that the drug dealers will suspect that they will give their names to the police, so the addicts are afraid for their lives and the drug dealers are each afraid of the dealers who are higher up the ladder than them. The policy is working, even though Trump has not yet adopted it.  It might also work for terrorism, although the terrorists are more dedicated.

Another possible Trump policy, in order to get American hostages released by totalitarian countries such as Iran, just pay them off by flying in m$400 in an undocumented, unmarked cargo plane.  No Trump wouldn’t do this, but Obama did!  At least his spokesmen claim that the money was for other reasons, not payment for ransom of American hostages.  Nevertheless, the timing of the release and the money transfer on the same day looks very suspicious.  Maybe Trump should adopt these outrageous policies, they seem to work.


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