Abbas to sue Britain over Balfour Declaration

Pres. Abbas of the Palestine Authority (PA) has announced that he will sue the British Government for having promulgated the Balfour Declaration 100 years ago.  What a ridiculous, laughable idea.  The Palestinians are so desperate to find any excuse to avoid dealing with the reality of Israel that they are trying to turn the clock back a century.  This is truly nonsense!

The UK was well within its rights for the Foreign Secretary, Lord Balfour, to send a letter  to Lord Rothschild announcing its intention to establish a “national home” for the Jewish people in Palestine.  The letter was sent in 1917, but the British forces under Gen. Allenby did not capture the Holy Land until 1918.  At the end of WWI, at the Versailles Conference and later conferences in San Remo and Sevres in 1920, the Balfour Declaration was raised to the level of international law when it was incorporated into the Treaties that allocated former Turkish Empire land to the British and French on a temporary basis. The Mandates that they were given to them were for the eventual establishment of self-govering entities for the local populations.  All were to be Arab (the French Mandate for Syria and the British Mandate for Mesopotamia/Iraq) except for the Palestine Mandate that was for a Jewish Homeland.

The Balfour Declaration became enshrined in international law when the Mandates were officially designated in 1922 by the League of Nations that was the precursor of the UN.  In fact, as Raymond Cannon pointed out in a letter to The Jerusalem Post today, to nullify the Balfour Declaration would not only require Abbas to sue the British Govt., but also all those Govts. that voted in the League for the British Mandate that specifically mentioned a Jewish Homeland in Palestine, but did not mention any Arab Homeland in Palestine.

Not only that, as pointed out by PM Netanyahu, this move shows how the Palestinians will take any possible approach, however ridiculous, and go to any lengths in order to try to undermine the legitimacy and credibility of Israel.  They will do anything to avoid actually dealing with and negotiating with Israel.  Also note that the “Palestine Mandate” should have been named the “Israel Mandate” or something like that, since the Mandate was given to the British specifically for the establishment of a Jewish Homeland, and the term “Palestine” that was used by the Romans and subsequently by the British was derived from the Philistines, who were already extinct and were not the subjects of the Mandate.  Note also that “Palestine” is not an Arab name, there is no “P’ sound in Arabic (they use “f” or “b” instead).


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