Cops lives matter

The slogan “Black lives matter” has become a divisive racist movement in the US.  At the DNC there was a group of Blacks who insisted that they give a press conference to Black reporters only and white reporters should go to the back!  Several people also shouted this slogan during a moment of silence at the DNC called for remembrance of the cops who had been killed, this was unacceptable behavior.  Another two cops were shot in San Diego only yesterday.

Certainly there are racist white cops in America, and certainly some of the black men shot have been the victims of trigger-happy cops who may be racist.  And there are probably police departments in the US that have institutional racism (such as Ferguson NC, and Baltimore MD) as there was in the London Metropolitan police a few years ago.  But, that does not justify Blacks taking a racist attitude towards cops and all whites.  I note that in two of the localities where black men were shot, the Police Chiefs were themselves Black and indeed some of the cops who were shot were black.

It is the shooting that is wrong, under the circumstances, not the race of the cops.  Just as certainly there are Black men and youths who are involved in criminal and drug-related activities and the cops have to be alert to that.  No-one is saying “black lives don’t matter.”   And no-one is wishing for there to be more deaths on either side.  It is a measure of the social divisions within US society that such slogans lead to movements that tend to the extreme.

The DNC was intended to appeal to the traditional Democratic coalition of minorities such as Blacks and Hispanics and poor white working people.  However, they did not succeed in this, the divisions are too great, and the Bernie Sanders white socialists were not really supportive of Hillary Clinton, she doesn’t represent them.  Ironically the person who does seem to represent the disaffected poor whites is billionaire Donald Trump.   Politics makes strange bedfellows. And Jews beware, there is insitutionlized anti-Semitism among the Democrats, both Black and White.  So perhaps the only minority group that Hillary can depend on is women, just as Obama depended on the Black vote.


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