A surprise in the shower

The design of our shower head is bizarre.  There is a metal connector, between the shower head and the flexible metal hose that conducts the water, that fits into an upside down U-shaped plastic doohicky (not to be confused with a whadyacallit).  A few months ago I replaced the shower head and the tube.  But, the new head came with a connector to the tube that was a nice smooth metal cone.  When I pushed this into the upside down U-thingy, it kept sliding out.  This was most disconcerting, it made it difficult to have a shower when the shower head would suddenly project itself out into space and fall down on the unsuspecting showeree.  I could of course have taken it back to the store, but being stubborn I decided to solve the problem.

I tried various solutions, such as putting tape around the head, that didn’t work, scratching the head and the plastic holder, that didn’t work, in fact nothing worked. I even tried turning the plastic U-doohicky upside down, but this required unscrewing the shower head from the tube and passing them through the U-plastic part and reconnecting them, but this didn’t work either (don’t ask).   What became most disconcerting was that the shower head stayed in the doohicky until the water was turned off, then it would launch itself down onto the showeree unless he/she quickly got out of the way.  You would hear the water go off, then a yelp, then a bang as the shower head hit the floor of the shower.  It was a good way of knowing when she shower was available.  But, it was dangerous and could not go on.

So I finally fixed it, I wrapped tape around the whole device, the hose, the shower head and the plastic doohicky until it was permanently fixed.  Now it can’t come out and fall on an unsuspecting person.  But, now also you can’t use the shower head except as it is fixed above, so what’s the point of having a flexible hose.  Don’t ask.



4 thoughts on “A surprise in the shower

  1. Jack, I suppose it should be 1, 2, 3 and run. Why the hell don’t you get someone in to fix. Love to you both and Shabbat Shalom to all the family.


  2. You’ve just given me the best laugh in weeks! ” it was a good way of knowing when the shower was available” and I love that word ‘yelp’!


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