A chink in Trump’s armor

A chink in Trump’s armor results from an apparent contradiction in his stated policies.  He has avowed that he is the “law and order” candidate, and that he will “crush” ISIS (or the Islamic State).  But, at the same time he has committed the US to withdraw from foreign commitments and has said that he will insist that the foreign countries that the US is protecting must pay their fair share of the costs or the US won’t help them.  Now, how does he expect countries such as Afghanistan (fighting the Taliban) and Iraq (fighting IS) to be able to support US forces helping/fighting with them?  And who is going to support the USAF in its air campaign against the IS in Syria and Iraq, and who among the NATO allies is going to come up with more funds to defray the US costs?  Given the dire economic state of the EU that is probably a pipe dream.

Another issue is the statement that Trump made at his press conference today.  It was a good idea and typical of the man to try to take the focus away from Hillary just as she made history as the first woman nominated for Pres. by a major party.  He said that Putin should return the 30,000 e-mails that Russia supposedly hacked from Hillary’s private server, and return them to the US press.  Then they could check the 10,000 that are missing to see if they contain any secret information.  However, many reporters got the story wrong.  he did NOT ask Putin to hack Hillary’s e-mails.  He said that if Russia did indeed hack them, then they should return them, so the missing ones could be checked.  The difference is important.  Then we could tell if Hillary is lying again when she said that ahe did not send any secret State Dept e-mails from her server.

On another topic, an Israeli flag was burned outside the DNC in Philadelphia yesterday, by a group who support another intifada against Israel.  Although this was condemned by the official Democratic platform committee, nevertheless, I think it shows where those of us who support Israel should go.  The Democrats with Bernie Sanders have moved far to the left and Hillary barely has a majority of Democrats. Those who support Israel must take the necessary lesson and support Trump, with all his faults.


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