Attacks by Muslims in Germany & France

Islam, that we all know is a religion of peace, happens to be the religion/culture of the assailants who have carried out four attacks in Germany in the past week.   There was:

  • The major attack in Munich in which an Iranian-German (18) shot and killed nine people at random and injured 20 in a Macdonalds and a shopping center.  He then committed suicide.  The police said they found no evidence of an Islamist political motive and that he was mentally unstable.
  • An attack by a young Syrian refugee (21) with a machete in Reutlingen, in which a pregnant woman was murdered and several others injured, and the police managed to neutralize the killer before he could do more damage.
  • An axe-wielding Afghan refugee (17) who injured 18 on a train near Würzburg was caught by police several days later and shot dead. IS material was found in his room at a refugee center.
  • A bombing in the small southern town of Ansbach at a music festival, which injured 12 people, and luckily the Syrian bomber (27) had no ticket so he could not enter the actual festival crowd that would have resulted in major casualties, since his bomb was filled with nails. His asylum application had recently been rejected.

This is the inevitable violent result of allowing over 1 million Muslim refugees into Germany and it is probably only the tip of the iceberg.  When they get themselves really organized there will be major attacks and casualties.  I don’t think the Germans or the French are prepared for this.

In France, after the three major attacks in the past year, at Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket (12 dead), in central Paris and the Bataclan Theater (130 dead) and in Nice with a truck (85 dead), now comes the fourth attack by two IS terrorists who cut the throat of a priest in a Church in Normandy and took hostages, but were then shot dead.  I predicted this wave of terrorism as an inevitable result of allowing too many Muslims into their countries.  They should have learned from Israel’s experience.  In fact their security services seem incapable of dealing with this problem, they really need to learn from Israel’s experience, we’ve been combatting them for years.


One thought on “Attacks by Muslims in Germany & France

  1. Jack, for some reason you mention the ages of the terrorists in Germany and not those of France. Do you happen to have access of their ages too? If so, it would be interesting to compare. Ervin (from his sickbed)


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