At the RNC

Perhaps Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican candidate for President, thought it was a good move to put his beautiful wife Melania before the cameras first at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland .  But, it turned out to be a disaster. Not only was her East European accent distracting (she is from Slovenia), but her beauty did not fit the occasion and then her plagiarism was disastrous.  Chunks of her speech were taken verbatim from a speech given at the Democratic National Convention by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2008.  It is embarrassing to say the least. Whoever wrote and/or approved her speech, without suitable checking or deliberately to undermine her and Donald, must be fired and exposed.  Frankly, who wants the USA to be represented by a First Lady from Slovenia?  She is certainly not an asset to Donald.

But, the first day at the RNC was not a  total disaster for Donald.  His supporters managed to prevent an attempt by the “Dump Trump” forces to free all delegates to vote for their own choice, rather than for the winning primary candidate (mostly Trump) according to the rules.  Trump’s accession is therefore all but assured.

One very interesting development at the RNC is that Donal Trump’s aide for Jewish affairs, David M. Friedman, a NY attorney, said that “Palestinian violence is the real impediment to peace” and that a Trump Administration would view Israeli annexation of settlements as a legitimate way for Israel to move forward, given the Palestinians avoidance of a real peace deal.  He stated that in his view the settlements are not illegal and that they are not impediments to peace.   This gives Jewish Republicans a real reason to support the Trump candidacy.  If presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton gets in then it will almost certainly be the same as before with Barack Obama.   Who needs that.


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