Islamic Terrorism in France

Pres. Hollande called the truck attack in Nice during the Bastille Day celebrations a “despicable terrorist attack” and stated that France is at war with Islamic terrorism (unlike US President Obama who refuses to face this reality).  The driver of the truck was a Tunisian French citizen Mohammed Bouhlel (31) who lived in Nice and was known to police but not to the intelligence services.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are now Muslims and they have taken a high toll in French lives, 84 were reportedly killed in this latest incident, with ca. 200 seriously wounded, which together with the previous incidents makes about 260 French civilians killed in the past 18 months. This is the result of a liberal immigration policy, allowing the influx of countless Muslims, from N. Africa, Syria and elsewhere. Now people are glad they voted for Brexit in the UK.  Who said Islam is a religion of peace?  Now France is reaping the reward for its good intentions.

IS have claimed credit for this attack, although we do not know if they were indeed behind it.  Nevertheless it fits their pattern, and then we must wonder why they hit France again. There are several possible reasons: 1. France is an easy target for them since there are many Muslims living there and they must have a well-organized infrastructure; 2. Killing infidels is a basic part of their belief system, they have no consideration for human life; 3. The attacks on IS in Syria and Iraq are taking their toll and IS may soon be defeated there, so this is taking the war to the enemy; 4. Of course, hitting France on its national day of celebration is a typical Islamist act, a symbolic gesture against French freedom and secularism. 5. IS wants the French and other Western countries to react against their Muslim citizens, and cause a real war in France against all Muslims.that they hope will drive more Muslims into their extremist camp

The French need to learn from Israel.  We have had numerous such ramming attacks here, although not with this number of casualties.  In fact one of the IS messages congratulates the Palestinians for developing the use trucks for killing infidels. In fact the Palestinasin have always been the innovators in terrorist attacks, but no-one cares if it’s merely Israelis who are killed, they only take notice when it is them.  Whenever there is a celebration here there are buses or trucks parked across all roads leading to the site, so that no vehicle can enter the area, and there are armed guards stationed there who are not afraid to shoot anyone who tries to break through.   Also, now most bus stops are protected with concrete blocks to prevent car rammings.  Now all over the world countries will have to protect their celebrations from the potential of Islamic terrorism. In Jerusalem there was a spate of attacks by Arabs using not only trucks, but bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Net result, all Arabs were banned from driving these vehicles unless well vetted.

Furthermore, every Muslim who has engaged in violence, even if only criminal, must be suspect. In France and elsewhere you can expect some disaffected, radicalized Muslim for trying to cause carnage with any vehicle he can get his hands on. They must be arrested, interrogated and if only suspected either deported back to their country of origin or jailed under emergency terrorism orders.  Nothing else will save the French from spilling more blood.  It’s a simple conclusion, you may not know who the next attacker may be, but in order to prevent him you need intelligence and action before they attack.

Given the severity of the attacks by Muslims against general French society, if the Government does not take a very strong concerted action soon, some have suggested that it may lead to a civil war in France and elsewhere.  French citizens will take action against the Muslims who have in effect taken over their society, and been allowed to do so by a liberal, but ineffectual elite.  The Brexit vote was an example of this in the UK, the rise of Donald Trump is an example of this in the USA, following the pro-Muslim policies of Pres. Obama, and the rise of right-wing parties in Europe, such as the Front National of Marine Le Pen in France, is another example.


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