There are two divergent views of the future, that of a clean, electronic, techno-bubble in which we increasingly use computers, robots and biotech in order to improve and extend our lives.  An example of that would be the upper middle class of California, where the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed.  The other view is one in which people are increasingly killed and cities and countries are destroyed for a mad ideology.  An example of that would be Syria.  The fact is that the origins of both these visions of the future are with us today, and coexist contemporaneously.

I foresee both co-existing for some time, the continuing and possibly exponential development of technology, where information is processed at a greater rate and everyone can be immediately identified by face pattern recognition and all their personal information is then instantly available from the internet.  The use of technology can lead to greater food production and increased leisure time in the developed world. While elsewhere, people are being decapitated and dissolved alive in acid because they do not conform to a prescribed belief system.  Actually these two worlds have always been with us side-by-side, running on parallel tracks.  So it was possible to have the Ideal Home Exhibition and the EPCOT (experimental prototype community of tomorrow) center co-existing with Auschwitz and Pol Pot.

I foresee a version of Götterdammerung, the twilight of the Gods, in Germany and Central Europe, where millions of unassimilable Muslims will catalyze a move to the far right in German politics, leading ultimately to a clash of German nationalism (that is merely slumbering now) and Islamism.  Neither the EU nor the UN will be effective in preventing this.  Since they won’t have the Jews to blame, the neo-Nazi ideology will increasingly come to see the Muslims as the cause of all their problems (its in the German psyche to blame others) and eventually they will rebuild a new concentration camp system for them in bucolic Bavaria.  Meanwhile the embers of Islamic extremism will spread all over the world, leading to massive and continuing wars.

Since the Jews have always been blamed for the wrongs of the world, we will be blamed again. After all, once there has been an attempt at genocide using industrial means to achieve our obliteration, there will always be others lining up to try again.   Once it has been done, it can be done again.   Since we don’t have quantity on our side we will have to rely on quality, that means technology, drones, robots, artificial intelligence and cyber-security.   In fact Israel and the West are using all of these now, although much of it is in its infancy.  The “clash of civilizations” between these two future worlds is coming.


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