Women in charge?

The decision by Andrea Leadsom to drop out of the race for Conservative Leader and hence British Prime Minister leaves Theresa May as the victor.   The fact that she is now unopposed as the successor to David Cameron means that the transition will be much sooner than previously expected.   Cameron announced today that he will resign as PM as of Weds and so Britain will have a female Prime Minister. She will not the be the first, everyone remembers Margaret Thatcher, but she will be a member of a rare breed so far.

May was supported in her bid by a majority of the Conservative MP’s for having a reputation as a strong and honest leader.  She has been Home Secretary (equivalent to US Secretary of the Interior) for many years and has been judged effective and efficient in that role.  Also, although she was not a supporter of Britain’s exit from the EU (the Brexit) she has promised that she will carry that policy through and so it is thought that she will be a unifying influence on the Conservative Party that was split over this issue and for the country as a whole.

The US has never had a female President.  One hopes many people won’t vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman, although she is thought to have the “women’s vote.” Many voted for Barack Obama because the US had never had a Black President.  Now we know that wasn’t such a good idea.  I opposed Obama because as a one-term Senator I thought he lacked the experience to be President. Now that Bernie Sanders has folded we are faced with the presumptive Democratic nominee who is very experienced in US Government affairs while the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is the inexperienced one.  But, Trump claims that running a large business empire means he has the necessary executive experience for running the US government.  That is a matter for the voters to decide.

However, in one clear respect Hillary Clinton differs from Theresa May, she does not have a reputation for honesty.  There are so many scandals, going back to the Clinton’s time in Arkansas, involving  shady financial dealings and nepotism, as well as her current situation regarding the e-mails she sent on an insecure system as Sec. of State and her lying to Congress, that is a felony.  This is not a closed matter and could bring her a very embarrassing situation while she is running as a candidate for the highest office in the land.  It could cause her to lose the election, so we might be spared the female leaders of the two major countries the US and the UK meeting each other and saying, “I like your dress, dear.”


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