US Race War?

Many Americans, particularly those on the left, are very quick to give Israel advice about how to deal with the Palestinians.  But, before they do they should put their own house in order.  White on black violence in the US is rampant with the recent shootings by white policemen of more black motorists stopped for minor traffic offenses in Minnesota and Louisiana.  The Black reaction exemplified by the shooting of 5 white policemen in Dallas last night is spilling over into a race war.

Note that the Palestinians are NOT Israeli citizens, yet they come into our country,. our cities and our homes and kill our citizens, including children sleeping in their beds.  When liberal Americans have taken their own advice and shown how to resolve the Black-White racial issue in the USA then they should come to us and tell us how to deal with the Palestinians.   It would be as if Mexicans were stealing over the border (that they are doing) and then killing American children in their beds.  Would the US stand for that, no way!   The Black issue in the US is more akin to the Israeli Arabs who are citizens of Israel (20% of the population) and apart from a few minor riots there has been no trouble from them comparable to the problems America faces from its Black citizens, because quite simply the Arabs in Israel are treated more humanely than the Blacks are in America..

They know when thy are well off, they have welfare, jobs, security and live infinitely better than the Arabs in surrounding countries, like Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt.  Ask any of them if they want to become citizens of an independent Palestine and the resounding answer is “no”, and I have asked some of them.  They know that any independent Palestine would be controlled by terrorists, would have a completely corrupt government, like that of the PA now, and would subject them to violence and exploitation, like their cousins in Gaza and the West Bank.  So there is no race war in Israel, although there is one the USA.


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