Clinton escapes charges

FBI Director James Comey announced yesterday that he has recommended to the US Attorney General (AG) that Hillary Clinton not be charged in the case of her use of a private insecure server for her e-mails while serving as Secty. of State of the USA.  This is a shocking conclusion given that : 1. She lied publicly and to Congress about her use of the system to transfer top secret government e-mails; 2. That she must have known that she was breaking the law when she did so; and 3. That she used this private server when she was abroad and that foreign governments almost certainly could read her e-mails as they were sent.

Comey said Clinton and her staff’s handling of her e-mails was “extremely careless,” that she sent at least 110 e-mails that contained classified information, but the FBI found no criminal intent and concluded that”no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against the presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate.”  Many Government employees who have security clearance will regard this as a let-off that would not have been  given to anyone else.  So what happened to “equal before the law”?  As an example, former CIA Director Gen. David Petraues was charged with a felony for releasing classified information to his biographer, although he lied about that to the FBI.  And in fact one can be sure that in the future when any Government employee is charged with misusing secret information they will use the Clinton decision as a defense.  What has happened here is not just that Clinton has been let-off, and is able to run another day, but that the law itself regarding secrecy and misuse of secure information has been undermined.

One shocking aspect of this situation is that former Pres. Bill Clinton met with AG Loretta Lynch in Phoenix last week.  Although he claimed that the meeting was purely casual, and he did not discuss his wife’s case with her, the appearance of impropriety as well as the usual smell of back-door politics clings once again to the Clintons.  Ever since Bill stated on national TV “I did not have sex with that woman” no-one has trusted him and they certainly should not trust Hillary.  Although the FBI’s recommendation to the AG is only advisory, nevertheless Lynch has announced she will not to press charges against Hillary.

In the hearings on Capitol Hill today before a House Committee, Director Comey came across as a straight-shooter and defied all Republican efforts to undermine his decision. However, he admitted that Clinton was at least guilty of “extreme carelessness” that one would not expect from a high government official who is an attorney and further that her staff may have broken the law, but so far none of them have been considered for indictment.

Although Clinton managed to dodge this bullet, her mis-judgement as a top Government official in using a private server in my opinion disbars her from ever holding high office again.  Also, the fact that she lied to Congress may result in further hearings.  This is apart from her callous mis-judgement in relation to the Benghazi Consulate attack that cost the lives of four Americans, including the US Ambassador, when she refused on three occasions to send them military support (the pc excuse was that it might upset the Libyan Government).  Presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump should be able to use these facts effectively in his campaign, if he ever manages to get organized.


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