IS terrorist attacks in the Middle East

A huge truck bomb explosion in a shopping center in Baghdad on the last day of Ramadan, Id al Fitr,  caused  165 deaths and hundreds injured.   Islamic State radicals claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack.   While the Muslims affected are understandably infuriated by this attack on Ramadan, the IS, which is a Sunni extremist organization, regards the Shia Muslims who were killed as enemies, and does not consider them true Muslims.

Why such a large attack now?  The reason is almost certainly that IS is under attack from the Iraqi Army and allied forces, including US and Shia militias, and has just lost control of the major city of Fallujah, only 50 km from Baghdad.  This is their way of saying, you can attack and defeat us, but we are still here and can inflict major damage on you.  But, the security in Baghdad is so poor that the check points are using a supposed bomb detector that was shown to be a fraud over 6 years ago by the British authorities and the businessman who was selling them is now in jail.  This is a scandal and it is no wonder that ordinary Iraqis are upset and even attacked the PM Maliki and caused him to leave the site of the attack.  This is the fourth major bombing in Baghdad in a month and there seems to be no Iraqi security to stop them.

Meanwhile in Bangladesh an attack on a bakery in an upscale neighborhood of the capital Dhaka killed 20 people, including mainly foreigners from Italy and Japan.  This was a shock to the Bangladeshi, not only because of the scale of the attack, but because the 5 or more terrorists claimed they were from IS, that has not been seen in Bangladesh until now. It turned out that all the terrorists were Bangladeshi from good families and educated, not in any way “desperate” or “poor.”  Yet they had been radicalized and were prepared to murder their own citizens.  There were also simultaneous attacks in Saudi Arabia, at the Mosque in Medina, the US Embassy in Riyadh, and four people were killed, although the armed guards prevented higher casualties.  Once again the targets were Shia Muslims by IS terrorists.

Although recent IS attacks in Paris and Brussels (killing 135 and 45 respectively), not to mention in the US, particularly Orlando (49 dead), have taken many lives, overall more Muslims have been killed by IS than any other category.   This tends to make a mockery of their supposed intention to defeat the West in order to establish a Muslim Caliphate.  Most Muslims do not support them and in fact are terrorized by them. But, that does not mean that they do not have a lot of Muslim support around the world.



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