Hate terrorism

A 17 year old Palestinian boy infiltrated into the Jewish city of Kiryat Arba on the West Bank and stabbed a sleeping 13 year old girl, Rena Ariel, to death in her bed.  This is hate terrorism of the worst kind that the Palestinians are brought up to believe and are indoctrinated with from birth.  This has nothing to do with politics, occupation, nationalism or anything else, it is pure ingrained hatred of Jews.  All Jews, any Jews, even sleeping children.  The security forces were alerted and the Palestinian youth was shot dead.  Two more wasted lives, and what for, because of unrelenting incitement and irrational hatred.  His mother announced she was proud of his martyrdom.

Several hours later there was a terrorist attack in Netanya when an Orthodox couple were attacked and knifed in their car.  In this case too the perpetrator, a 40 year old man from Tulkarm, was shot dead by an armed civilian. Do they think that these stupid attacks are going to persuade us to leave, really?  Can they think that this will do anything but ensure that we decide more fervently to stay and fight them.  These cowardly acts only engender more negative reaction and suffering for the Palestinians themselves.  The home of this boy will be destroyed and his family, who undoubtedly knew about his intentions, will find themselves homeless.  Although they will be compensated by money from the PA for his criminal act, money that mainly comes from US Govt. donations.

Today also, as the Knesset debated the current Israeli Govt. deal with Turkey, Hanan Zoabi, Arab MK, who was on the Mavi Marmara ship that tried to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza 6 years ago, was interrupted in her speech in the Knesset for calling the IDF commandos who stormed the ship “murderers.”  Not only were these commandos not armed except for hand guns, but they were attacked with various weapons including iron bars by the trained IHH terrorists on the ship.  Ironically the IHH organization has criticized the deal in Turkey and this caused Pres. Erdogan  to strike back at them the same day and say that they caused the whole incident and that he trusts Israel to deliver all aid sent from Turkey to Gaza.  Zoabi was removed from the Knesset plenum for her abuse and a bill has been reintroduced to strip people like her who are in effect enemies of the state from being representatives in the Knesset.  This would not be allowed in any other democratic country.  Could you imagine a  Congressman calling US soldiers “murderers” or a British MP calling British soldiers “murderers” and being allowed to do so.  Zoabi is one of the Arab leaders who repeatedly and insistently justifies Palestinian hate terrorism against Jews.


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