My wi-fi Died

I got up last Sunday morning to find that my wi-fi was completely dead.  It had no lights and when I tried to plug it into other sockets it remained unlit.  I thought of calling the company HOT, but I remembered how long I usually have to stay on the line and then get options in Hebrew that I can’t understand, so I decided to take it to the HOT service center not too far away, about 15 mins drive.

When I went in an old man standing at the door told me to press the electronic device to get a number and he asked me what I wanted.  I told him and showed him the wi-fi that I wanted to replace.  But, he told me before my number would be called (that incidentally was 20 behind the current number, i.e. a wait of ca. 2 hrs), I had to speak to someone to order the device and he showed me the phone on the side, and he told me don’t worry it’s a direct line.  So he dialed the phone for me and I was standing there by the entrance waiting for 15 mins while the phone rang, and I was getting annoyed, but he said don’t worry someone will answer soon.

Finally after about 15 mins someone did answer, and I told him what I needed, gave him my id number (you can’t do anything in Israel without your id number) and then he said “rega” that means “a moment” and went off the line.  So I was standing there for ….30 mins.  The old man kept telling me to be patient, if he answered it won’t take long.  But, eventually I lost my patience and saw the manager walking by, so I called him over and complained and he said, “there’s nothing I can do.”  So I asked him, would it be easier from my home and he said “Yes.” So I hung up and returned home.  I point this out because no American would ever accept this kind of inefficient stupidity.  HOT would be out of business in a heartbeat in the US with this kind of service.

So after wasting an hour for nothing, I returned home and then called HOT.  Although I was prepared to spend the whole afternoon on the phone, it took only about 15 mins to get through to the right person, who said he would send a technician as soon as possible (2 days) to replace my wi-fi with an updated version.  In the meantime I realized that my desk top computer works without the wi-fi, so I connected the cable from the computer directly into the modem (instead of through the wi-fi) and it worked perfectly.

The HOT guy came (his name was Igor) and replaced the wi-fi and the modem with a new, better combined box and now it works perfectly (although I got a message that I had to contact Bezeq which is my internet provider, which he did not tell me about).   He told me that I could not have obtained this box at the service center, only by home delivery.  So the best advice is, let you fingers do the walking, sit at home in air conditioned comfort and wait for them to come to you. By the way, there was no charge for his visit.

PS. Some people thought I meant something else when I wrote my wifi has died, hence the hyphen.

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