Lack of US Resolve in Syria

In an extraordinary move, 51 diplomats at the State Department have signed an internal memo criticizing the Obama Administration’s policy on Syria!  (   They are highly critical of the lack of any response by the US to Russia’s support for Pres. Assad, given that it is US Govt. policy that there can be no resolution of the Syrian debacle unless Assad is removed from power.  By showing no initiative and allowing Russia a free hand in supporting Assad, the US is in effect undermining its own interests and its policies.

The Memo calls upon the Obama Administration to take concrete military action against Assad’s forces, the Syrian Army supported on the ground by Hizbollah and elements of the Iranian National Guard.  By failing to do so over the past few years this has allowed Assad to stage a come-back and his forces, with Russian air power, are now staging an expansion of their territory in the Aleppo, Deraa and Raqqa areas.  In Aleppo and Deraa the forces that are mainly being targeted are elements of the democratic insurrection against Assad’s regime and in Raqqa Assad’s forces, although fighting IS, are gaining ground in competition with the force of the Kurdish Pesh Mega allied with Syrian Arab forces with US ground support.

This lack of any actual implementation of moves to support US policy has undermined US credibility in the area and shown the Russians and others that the US is passive and afraid to act in support of its declared policies.  This is typical of Obama’s lack of action in the face of opposition that has caused America’s allies in the region, notably Israel and Saudi Arabia, to conclude that they must make other arrangements for their own survival, that they cannot currently depend on US resolve.  Thus, PM Netanyahu has made several visits to Russia to meet with Pres. Putin and Saudi Arabia has initiated discussions with Israel.  Israel has also announced a pending deal with Turkey to renew diplomatic ties that have been cut since the Mavi Marmara incident six years ago.

This lack of US resolve or action in the Middle East is part of the paralysis of American foreign policy that has occurred under the Obama presidency that uses liberal excuses, such as avoiding war and allowing local forces to take action, that is in effect an excuse for American inaction.  This should be one factor in the next election for President, since no-one should want to see a continuation of such a failed policy, and it should galvanize the next President to change course and take a more courageous stand in support of declared US policies.


2 thoughts on “Lack of US Resolve in Syria

  1. Thanks, Jack.
    God knows, the US has done such a great job in Egypt and Iraq and Libya, why wouldn’t we want to just jump in to another winning situation, like Syria? After all, money is no object (other people’s money never is…) and the US has gobs of it to waste, right? We’ll just use one of those magical gold bricks from the streets of NY…
    And when we are done with Syria, or Iraq, or Egypt, or Libya, there’s always Yemen…

    Let me put it another way… the US — under Republican and Democratic administrations alike — has gotten suckered into enough of these open-ended, budget-busting clunkers. Can we just sit out this one? Let someone else spend their money trying to fix an unfixable, untenable lose/lose civil war that needs to be settled by the people therein…

    I’ll sum it up in three words… “No, thank you…”


    • Ron: As usual what you say is quite reasonable and quite liberal. But, if you had said the same thing about Hitler and WWII, you would have been right. The minor wars so far against Iraq and Libya were much less strategic than the war needed against IS. They are a real threat to world peace and order and to the homeland. Any fool can see this is an order of magnitude more significant. Further we have many allies in such a war, the Sunni Arab States, including Egypt (which Obama botched by supporting Morsi instead of al Sisi), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Gulf States as well as Turkey, Israel and the usual European allies. This would be a moral campaign against a real evil threat, but if Obama-II is elected (i.e lying Hillary) what chance is there for any US leadership? Jack


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