The Real Issue: Islam

In order to get people’s attention to focus on the real issue and not all the extraneous ones, we must grab attention. That is what Trump has done. That is why I wrote “Ban Muslims, not guns.”   During the Iran crisis Pres. Carter banned all Iranians from entering the US and expelled 15,000 Iranians (reported on MSNBC). So there is a legitimate precedent.  Islamic terrorism is a real danger and is part of the war of Islamism against the US and the West.

Last year there were 13,000 shootings in the USA, but of these only a few hundred were mass shootings (more than 3 people), and even if only a percentage of these were carried out by Muslims, they were motivated by an ideology that requires significant response.

I was challenged to say what I would do under the circumstances:

  • I would ban all sales of automatic assault rifles
  • I would ban all young Muslim men and women from entering the US without a rigorous security check.
  • I would close down all radical Islamic sites on the internet (they are a security threat and are all anti-Semitic, anti-gay and anti-American).
  • I would give the FBI the ability to check the private lives of young Muslim men, especially those licensed to carry guns and to fly planes, etc.
  • Profiling is essential (Israel’s experience proves it).
  • Not all minorities are equal, only the Muslims currently pose an ideological threat to Western civilization and like the Nazis and Communists before them they must be fought.

Note that I make a distinction between Islam and all other religions, because Islam is a religious culture and ideology sui generis that is distinct from all other religions.  Of course, there are peaceful Muslims, but Islam has as one of its main tenets the waging of jihad (holy war) against all infidels.  Some claim that jihad includes “spiritual war,” but I have consulted the copious study “The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the fate of non-Muslims,” by Andrew Bostom (Prometheus Books), and he states specifically that in the early sources there is no use of this term to include “spiritual” war, it relates only to actual military war.  Further, Islam divides the world into two sections, Dar al Islam (the region of Islam) and Dar al Harb (the region of war).

The important thing to realize is that all believing Muslims accept these precepts, not only so-called extremists or fundamentalists, in fact Islam is not a “religion of peace.”  In that respect, Islam (that means”submission”) is more akin to a political ideology, like Nazism or Communism than like Christianity or Judaism (although Christianity did have the concept of “Christendom,” but that was some time ago).  Remember there are no Christians or Churches in Saudi Arabia and those in most other Muslims countries are being attacked and destroyed (Egypt, Syria , Iraq, Pakistan).  Of course, there are no synagogues or Jews either, and being gay is punishable by death under Sharia law.   In most Muslim countries women cannot drive, cannot go out without a male escort, cannot own property, cannot vote and cannot stand for office.  Further, it is incumbent on a Muslim, all Muslims, to work for the introduction of Muslim rule and Sharia Law wherever he or she may live.

To say that there are “peaceful Muslims” misses the point, it’s like saying there were peaceful Germans, or peaceful Russians.  The Nazis or the Communists may have been the enemy, but that didn’t prevent the Allies (including the USAF and the RAF) from carpet-bombing many areas of Germany, and from obliterating Dresden that housed mainly German refugees.  Would the FBI have allowed a Russian into the country during the Cold War on the grounds that he was “peaceful.”   A degree of suspicion is justified, no communist agent would advertise that he was a communist agent, no Nazi would have been overtly suspicious, he would have appeared to be a “peaceful German.”  So suspicion of all Muslims is justified, until they are rigorously checked (even then mistakes can be made).

To call the Orlando shooting a hate crime or the action or a confused homosexual is missing the point.  Pres. Obama’s comment that singling out Muslims is against US law and is un-American is precisely wrong. His lack of stating “radical Islam” misses the point that radical Islam is a part of Islam, just as Nazism was part of Germany and Communism was part of Russia.  Radical Islam is the political ideology of Islam and must be countered as such.  The acts of terror in France, Belgium, New York, San Bernadino, Orlando, London, Denmark, Holland, Madrid, Moscow, Istanbul, Casablanca, Nigeria, Kenya,  Israel, Thailand, Philippines, Bali in Indonesia, not to mention Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Egypt, etc. have all been  perpetrated by Muslims.  How many more do you need to see a pattern, how many more have to die before you take action????
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