Updated Web-site

I recently updated my web-site (http://www.jackcohenart.com) to include recent publications, paintings and shows:

Recent Books:  In 2015 I self-published a book entitled oblOf Gods and Lemurs.”  This contains two main articles that I was working on concurrently, a
non-fictional account of my religious views entitled “The Tolerant Atheist,” including a section on DNA and genealogy, and a fictional story entitled “Discovering Humanity,” based on a personal incident that I experienced, but cast in a completely different context. This includes a description of an expedition to study lemurs in Madagascar.

In 2016 I published a book entitled “Humorous Husbandry,” that is a compilation of 100 humorous and diy articles that I posted on my blog IsBlog (http://www.jackscohen.wordpress.com)  from 2000-2015.

These books are available on Amazon.com as well as in Kindle format.

Recent paintings: I have added a few recent paintings, including one of tree shadows, as well as a few new portraits.  Please click on both the “Recent” and “Portraits” entries in the list on the home page.







Recent exhibits: I have finally separated the Shows and naPaintings sections on my web-site and in the former I have added the exhibits that I had in 2015 at the AACI-Netanya (curated by Gypsy Ron) and in 2016 at the Immigrant’s Community Center in Netanya (curated by Eduard Paskhover).  Both of these exhibits focused mainly on the recent portraits that I have painted.


Please visit my web-site (http://www.jackcohenart.com) and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Updated Web-site

  1. Hi Jack,

    I will work on putting up your book info on israelseen.com and include some of your art work.

    Thanks, Steve

    *Steve Ornstein*


    *Tel Aviv, Israel972(0)542270554*


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