The Donald and Hillary Show

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic Party nominee and the first woman ever to be chosen by a major US Party.  Who is Donald Trumps’s best ally against Hillary?  It’s Bernie Sanders, the runner-up in the Democratic primary, who just lost California and yet won’t quit.  He continues to run for the nomination, even though he no longer has a chance of winning short of Hillary being indicted for crimes she committed as Secty. of State when she used a private non-secure e-mail system (anything can happen).

But, no-one seems to be asking why is Bernie Sanders running in the Democratic Party primary when he characterizes himself as a socialist.  The Democratic Party is NOT a socialist party, and Bernie should be kicked out of it!   On the other hand, Donald Trump is not a true Republican.  He has no truly conservative credentials, and through a series of statements and opinions he has managed to antagonize most of the Republicans who have so far endorsed him.  Could there be a revolt at the Republican convention against Trump?  Very unlikely, since he has the votes, so the Republican faithful will have to get used to the idea that the party is changing.

However, in the Democratic Party it’s the status quo, with Pres. Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton she will in effect become Obama’s third term.  Now I know a lot of people will vote against this, they don’t want to see the continuation of a failed and weak foreign policy and a confused over-costly domestic policy.  They would rather take the chance with Trump of a stronger and somewhat adventurous foreign policy and a more conservative domestic policy.  Many undecided voters are hoping that Trump will start to be more careful in his statements, will not confuse the campaign for President with his private issues (such as his legal cases) and will get himself some good advisers and some experienced speech writers.  And he should use the teleprompter from now on.  If he starts acting Presidential then he may yet beat Hillary-Obama.


2 thoughts on “The Donald and Hillary Show

  1. Dear Jack:

    Actually, the question on Bernie’s recent allegiance to the Democratic Party was answered a long time ago. Many years ago, Bernie Sanders was a member of a third party called the “Liberty Union Party”. After a while, Bernie realized that their candidates had no chance of winning… their stance on issues might have been right, but they were perennial underdogs. At one point, Bernie decided to run for Mayor of Burlington VT, and he ran as an independent, with no affiliation. He ran an honest, grass-roots, door-to-door campaign, focusing on local issues, and he won. He did a really good job, by the way — check it out!

    Later, Bernie ran for the lone US Congressional seat from VT, again as an independent, and he won. Later still, he ran for a US Senate seat from VT as an independent and again, he won. In all elected offices in which he has served, he was elected as an independent third-party candidate. And yes, he has always considered himself a socialist. In Congress and the Senate, when it came time for him to “caucus” with either Republicans or Democrats, he chose the Democrats — since their beliefs and objectives more closely aligned with his. It was by no means a perfect match, but it worked.

    So along comes the election cycle of 2016. Bernie wants to run for POTUS. Being the non-Quixotic, practical kind of guy that he is, there is a problem with independent candidates for President — none of them have ever won the office. One need only look at all the independent candidates that have run — Ross Perot (1992); John Anderson (1980); and George Wallace (1968, whew that’s a scary one!). And the worst of all, Ralph Nader in 2000… Even go as far back as 1912, with Theodore Roosevelt running as a “Bull Moose” candidate broken off from the GOP, and Eugene Debs running as a Socialist. If the very popular TR could not make it as an independent, who could? Well there was one — George Washington ran twice as an independent for POTUS, in 1788 and 1792, prior to the formation of the political party system.

    The question for Bernie, then, became — Are you really running for POTUS, are you serious, or are you just making noise? There may still be someone that is able to make it into office as an independent, but that time is not now. So, given the choice, he joined the Democratic Party.

    Any other questions?

    ~ R


    • Ron: Thanks for an informative and well written essay. However, it does not answer the question why the Democratic Party accepted Bernie when he is a declared socialist and his polices are not consistent with Democratic Party policies. However, others might argue that the Democratic Party, esp. under Obama, is now indeed a socialist party.


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