The War of Islamic Terrorism

The USA is at war, although no-one seems to notice that.  US forces are fighting in Iraq with the Iraqi Army against the Islamic State forces, both in the battle for Fallujah and preparing for the battle to retake Mosul.  US forces are fighting with the Pesh Merga Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, and are approaching Raqqa, the IS stronghold and capital.  US air forces are attacking IS throughout Syria and Iraq.  The US is also supporting the forces attacking IS in Sirte, Libya.  As a consequence of these attacks IS has issued a general call for all its adherents to attack the US now during Ramadan, especially at home in the USA.  This call has been ignored by the US, much as Osama bin Laden’s declaration of war on the USA was ignored, before the Twin Towers were demolished in 2001.

It is no coincidence that the Islamic terrorist in Orlando, Florida, Omar Mateen, called 911 and proclaimed his affiliation with IS and his obedience to its Caliph Abu-bakr Al-Baghdadi, while carrying out the attack.  In effect Mateen was recruited by IS as a soldier in their war against the US and Western civilization.  Incidentally it does not matter which Islamist groups he identified with (al Qaeda, Al Nusra, IS), their tactics are different but their strategy is the same. Since the abhorrence of Muslims for homosexuality and the fact that killing gays is considered completely justified in their culture, Mateen’s attack on a gay night club can be seen as a justified act in this war, much as the attack on the Bataclan rock concert in Paris was an attack against a symbol of decadent Western civilization.

However, neither the American people nor the US Government are seriously engaged in this war.  Pres. Obama refuses to even utter the term “Islamic terrorism” as Donald Trump has pointed out, and as a consequence his Administration is frozen and unable to cope or respond effectively to this imminent threat.  Thousands have been killed so far, yet each terrorist act is considered as a “lone wolf attack” and as a “crime.”   Yes, in time the FBI will work out what happened, but what about doing more to prevent these attacks.

One must recognize that of the estimated 3.5 million Muslims supposedly living in America, there are estimated to be about 1-10% that are either sympathetic to or supportive of the aims of the Islamic State, which includes the imposition of Sharia Law.  If only 1% that comes to 3,500 people, certainly a number that should scare all Americans.  In Britain the Police have admitted that they are currently following 1,000 potential terrorists and estimate that there are 8,000 more persons of interest that they don’t have the resources to investigate.

When Italy was under drastic attack from home-grown terrorists of the Red Army Brigades during the 1970’s, when former Prime Minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped and murdered, the Italian Government operated on the following assumption, that there was a small hard core of active terrorists probably numbering several hundred, that they were helped (given weapons, aid and shelter) by a core of sympathizers numbering ca. 2,000 and that they were further helped by less active sympathizers numbering ca. 10,000.

This is almost certainly the same model that is used by Islamic terrorists.  To paraphrase Mao, who said the communists must act as fish swimming in the stream of the people.  In order to break this terrorist fifth column that is working for the overthrow of the USA and Western civilization the US enforcement authorities must be given the tools they need as laws to break this network, just as the Italian Government did.  By concentrating its forces on each of these circles of support for Islamic terrorism they broke the movement. Otherwise the Islamic terrorist acts and the number of deaths will continue to grow unabated.

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