Terrorist Massacre in Florida

The terrible terrorist massacre of 50 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, is the worst such incident in US history.   There are two kinds of such attacks that have occurred in the US,

  • One kind is when a mentally deranged individual deliberately kills people, such as the many school shootings from Columbine High School in 1999 to that at Sandy Hook in 2012 when 29 people were killed, most of them children and shootings in movie theaters, etc.
  • The other kind of shooting is usually a terrorist incident carried out by a radicalized Muslim motivated by hatred and political allegiance to extremist beliefs.  Such individuals believe that they are justified in killing anyone they hate, such as gays, Jews, Christians, secular people, etc.

The Orlando shooting clearly falls into the latter category.  The gunman in this case Omar Siddiqi Mateen was a security guard licensed to carry a weapon, so no amount of gun control could have prevented this massacre from happening.

Although his family came from Afghanistan, Omar Mateen was brought up in New York and moved to Florida 10 years ago.  Mateen was apparently investigated and interviewed by the FBI several times for making statements supporting the Islamic State, but was not considered a threat.  Clearly this was a mistake, so the FBI criteria for who is and who is not a threat must be significantly tightened.  Also, his ex-wife claims he was abusive and unstable!  This kind of thing has happened too many times before, for example with the shooter at Fort Hood (29 killed), at the Boston marathon (4 killed) and in San Bernadino (14 killed), where Muslims murdered innocent civilians.

While it may be impossible to prevent all such shootings, and certainly more difficult with mentally deranged individuals, there are criteria that can be identified in order to prevent Islamic terrorist shootings.

  1. Islam is NOT a religion of peace, so that all Muslims must in principle be suspect.
  2. Any Muslim who indicates any extremist opinions or allegiances must be suspect.
  3. No Muslim with any indication of extremist views must be allowed to be in a position (security, police, armed forces) where he can legitimately own or carry a gun.

This incident will certainly play into the hands of Republican candidate for President Donald Trump, because of his stand against allowing Muslims to enter the US and his emphasis against Islamic terrorism.  All Hillary Clinton can do is try to separate herself from the liberal attitude towards immigration and against terrorism that she inherits from her predecessor, Pres. Obama, and play the gun control card.  But, gun control could not have prevented this shooting, first because the shooter had a license to carry a gun and second because an Islamic terrorist will get a gun one way or another.  We don’t need to ban guns, we need to ban Muslims, they are the ones that use the guns!  The emphasis must be on profiling, investigating and detaining young Muslim men with a tendency towards extremism.  If the US really wants to prevent these types of massacres that is the way it must go.


2 thoughts on “Terrorist Massacre in Florida

  1. Hi Jack, Simon tells me you will be speaking at Congregation Beth Emek on September 13. I’m very pleased but also very disappointed since I’ll be out of town until September 14, and wanted to meet you.  Next time. Regrading this blog, I agree with almost everything you say, with a serious exception: by saying Islam is not a religion of peace, you may be correct, but we alienate a very large contingent of peaceable Muslims, all of whom we need to help turn the tide against the radical Muslims.  Obama has been bending over backwards in this direction, possibly resulting in the FBI and other investigating agencies being too permissive on potentially suspect Muslims, such as Mateen.  Without the help and cooperation of peaceful Muslims and their leadership, the terrorist war will grow and could become horrific. You might say it is already, but it could get seriously worse.  I’m guessing and hoping that a significantly large portion of the world Muslim population is horrified at the terrorists. We need to work with and encourage peaceful Muslim leadership to make Islam a religion of peace, denying the teachings that make it anything else.  Bob


    • Bob: Sorry I’ll miss you. I disagree with your comment. I do not see any significant Muslim reaction world wide against this massacre. Muslims in general are quite sympathetic to all violent acts against the Western Judeo-Christian civilization and a large minority support it. There is no significant difference in beliefs, such as regarding jihad etc. between Islamic terrorists and believing Muslims, the difference is only in action and politics. If you wait for a majority of “peaceful” Muslims to change this you will be dead before that happens. Sorry. Jack


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