Terrorist murders in Tel Aviv

The latest terrorist atrocity took place on Weds night in Tel Aviv, a peaceful Jewish city, when two Palestinian terrorists, dressed in suits and ties, opened fire on diners and shoppers in the crowded Sarona market area and killed 4 and injured 7.  Both terrorists were captured, one of them injured.  They are cousins from the West Bank settlement of Yatta. Yes, a Palestinian settlement on conquered Jewish Land.  Why do they keep coming to kill us, this is a form of persecution and occupation!

We don’t go into their towns and shoot people dead who are simply dining, shopping or having a normal life.  We only retaliate, for two reasons, first, to punish those who sent them and their supporters and second to try to deter others from doing so, by destroying their family homes and arresting and trying any collaborators.  These terrorist actions are the same as those that have happened in Paris, Brussels, London, Istanbul and so on. These are terrorists sent to kill peaceful civilians in order to advance a political cause.   But, all terrorism is wrong, there is no justification whatsoever (liberation, religion, occupation, etc.) for the merciless random shooting of innocent civilians. Incidentally, one of those killed was a left wing lecturer at Ben Gurion University who supported Palestinian aspirations.  They have harmed their own cause.

One of the terrorists was in the crowd outside the restaurant and asking for water.  A policeman and his wife who had come to see what happened and lived nearby invited the man into their apartment and gave him water.  He then left this terrorist with his wife and mother and went to see what was happening.  When he saw the police arrest the other terrorist and realized that they were dressed the same, in dark suits, he quickly ran back to his apartment and over-powered the man.  When the police arrived there was a scuffle and the policeman whose apartment it was was shot and injured.  What an idiot!  Also, how was it possible for the two terrorists to bring sub-machine guns into a restaurant when there is supposed to be positive security at every public place?  Hamas praised the terrorists, but did not claim responsibility and in the Palestinian areas there were celebrations over these killings.

PM Netanyahu immediately visited the site and made some responses.  All 80,000 permits for Palestinians from the West Bank to enter Israel to work were peremptorily revoked.  It is necessary that the security services find out how these terrorists infiltrated.  Then all specific permits for Palestinians to enter Israel for Ramadan were cancelled.  Two more brigades of the IDF were transferred to the West Bank, and the town of Yatta was put under martial law.  These people have to know that taking such actions, although it will not change the actual situation, will lead to unacceptable costs for them.  There had been a lull in the attacks in the past few months in the so-called “knife intifada.”   Clearly this was a temporary lull and the current terrorist attack has caused Israel to react and impose harsher conditions on the Palestinians.  If this is what the terrorists want, they got it!


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