Faulty contacts

What do you do when your printer runs out of ink, you go and buy a new cartridge.  I actually bought two, and then I put one of the new cartridges in and lo and behold the printer did not work!  There was a light flashing on the front of my Hewlett-Packard 920c printer and whatever I did, taking out and putting in the cartridge again and again and cleaning the head with a tissue, did not stop the blinking.  I even tried to put back the old empty cartridge, but the light kept on flashing, which I supposed was an indication that it was empty.  I had never had this problem before, a simple replacement of the cartridge had always worked.  I disconnected the printer from the computer and the light continued to flash so I knew it was only a printer problem.  Also, under the flashing light was an icon of a printer cartridge, so I knew it was a fault of the cartridge.

What to do?  I shlapped the printer to the store where I had bought the cartridges and showed them it did not work.  The helpful clerk had a good idea, he said the color cartridge must also be empty, and he examined it and pronounced that it was empty.  So now I had to buy an even more expensive cartridge in order to get the printer to work.   I picked the color cartridge up the next day and hopefully replaced it, and it still did not work, the light kept flashing.

So I called my friendly printer guy, actually I haven’t been in touch with him for about a year.  He told me what to do over the phone, look to see where the printer head stops when you open the top in order to replace the cartridge.  There is an arrow on the head and it stopped next to an icon of a cartridge on the case with one dot on it that represents the black ink cartridge, instead of an icon with three dots that represents the color cartridge.  So right away he told me it was the black cartridge that was causing the problem, also the light does not flash merely because there is no ink in the cartridge, but it shows a bad contact.  So he said take out this cartridge and clean it with baby wipes and then dry it with a tissue and put it back.  If that doesn’t stop the flashing light, do the same for the contacts on the printer head where the cartridge fits in.  I did this and none of it stopped the flashing light (by now it was driving me crazy).

I called him back and then he told me to clean the old cartridge and put it back in and test that and guess what, the light stopped flashing.  So he said, the new cartridge is faulty, it is not making proper contact.  He advised me to take the second new cartridge I had bought, open it and clean it and insert it and guess what, no flashing light and when I hooked the printer up to the computer it worked perfectly!

I decided to keep the color cartridge, but I am taking the first faulty black ink cartridge back to the store and getting a replacement. The moral of this story is, all that was needed was a bit of observation -there was a pointer right there pointing to origin of the problem, the black ink cartridge – and a bit of common sense – always clean the contacts of the cartridge and the printer head with baby wipes and a tissue before inserting it.  If that doesn’t work then it may be a faulty cartridge.


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