Problems of the EU

This is the centenary of the battle of Verdun, the most bloody battle of WWI that took the lives of over 300,000 French and German soldiers!   The EU was supposed to be the solution to that kind of intra-European war, where France, Germany and the rest of Europe would become one peaceful zone.  But, the EU is facing several difficult problems;

  1. The economic debt of Greece: Greece is only one of the countries that have amassed a huge debt, but it is the largest.  By a combination of socialist excesses and massive tax evasion the Greek economy was driven into the ground.   However, once the size of the debt become known and once the Eurozone decided it had to save Greece, and the euro, the extent of the financial commitment became staggering.  Only last week, by passing another series of austerity measures, that it was elected to prevent, the Greek government qualified for another 100 billion euro loan.  The extent of corruption and incompetence revealed by this Greek fiasco shows how the best laid plans of European patriots can be undermined.  If the Greek debt crisis leads to Greece leaving the Eurozone, then the future of the euro is in doubt, and that’s without the problems of Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Italy being taken care of.
  2. The Brexit: The prospect of a British exit from the EU is a nightmare, not only for some Brits, but also for the EU itself.  If such a major member leaves, there is a definite prospect that the whole EU could fall apart and that could be a catastrophe for Europe.
  3. The migrant crisis: The influx of well over one million migrants, mainly Muslims from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, into Europe is a major problem for the EU.  So far they have failed to come up with a coherent joint plan, since some members refuse to accept any migrants outright (Hungary, Austria, etc.) and some have accepted millions (Germany, Sweden).  How this situation can be resolved is unclear.  Since the Balkan route from Turkey thru Greece to Austria has been blocked, now migrants are coming from Libya thru Italy and then trying to cross the Channel.  Until this is stopped at the source there will be no solution, and Turkey is far from cooperative.
  4. The Ukraine: The Crimea is gone to Russia, but the crisis in eastern Ukraine remains a festering conflict.  The so-called Donetsk Republic, supported and under-written by Russia, is still trying to separate from the Ukraine.  Fighting continues and death is everywhere.  Russia/Putin is clearly trying to destabilize the Ukraine, and in doing so is testing the resolve of the EU and USA to try to stop him.

Unless the EU can come up with solutions to the above problems, it is unlikely to survive.


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