Historic Irony

Before WWII when there were millions of Jews living in Europe, the Jews (those that were assimilated) were always known as liberals and leftists, even though there were many business owners and rich among them. That’s because the right and especially the extreme right was predominantly anti-Semitic. The right used anti-Semitism as a political tool to gain support from the majority of ignorant and prejudiced people.  Hitler’s Nazi Party never won an absolute majority in any election, although he came pretty close, enough to form a government, take power and then institute a dictatorship.

Now the situation has changed completely, there are very few Jews left in Europe (altogether less than a million), but the immigrants are predominantly Arab Muslims who also happen to be the enemies of the Jews and of Israel.  Many Jews now find themselves on the other side, supporting the right in Europe (and the US) as a means to try to prevent Muslim immigration, with the concomitant growth of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism.  Of course, the Jews were an ancient group in Europe dating back to the time of the Romans (there were Jews in Cologne before there were Germans).  But, the influx of ultra-Orthodox Jews from eastern Europe into central Europe (Germany especially) led to a concomitant increase in anti-Semitism.  Now the same is occurring in relation to the influx of Muslim immigrants, for example Austria, that was extremely anti-Semitic, almost elected a right wing PM.

Given a choice, many Jews and Israelis would rather have anti-immigrant right wing leaders elected in European countries, than left-wing pro-Muslim, pro-Palestinian and anti-Semitic leftist leaders elected.  This shows how far the left has turned to the same anti-Jew hatred to fuel their support among the majority of ignorant and prejudiced people.  However, my main preference is that Europe not turn to the far right and oppose immigration, but rather that they continue to elect liberal-leftist sympathizers with the immigrants and welcome them in (a la Angela Merkel), and that will eventually destroy Europe.  If you think I am making this Muslim threat up, then consider the raping spree that occurred in Cologne last New Year’s Eve and the fact that Sweden that had one of the lowest rape statistics in the world has suddenly jumped up to be the second highest in the world subsequent to their very liberal immigration policies, now stopped.  I suppose that is shadenfreude, the German word meaning pleasure at another’s suffering.  In other words pay-back.   Welcome to the new world of European politics.

The irony is also that the Europeans, predominantly leftist, accuse Israel of being right-wing.  Whereas in fact our country is very liberal internally, but we have had to move to the right because the left here, as elsewhere, is determined to accommodate the Muslims, that amounts to “dhimmitude,” being subservient to Muslim demands and interests (Islam means submission). That is slowly happening in Europe as it is exposed to the extreme violence and political pressure of the Muslim minority.  As someone observed, what a pity that the Europeans got rid of (i.e. murdered) their Jewish minority and got the Muslims instead.   Now that’s historic irony!


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