Find the unicorn?

What is this elusive “peace” that everyone keeps promising Israel.  The French were going to have a peace conference, that would have issued a dictate to Israel (take it or leave it), but have now backed off (the US has a diplomatic “cold”).  The Saudis keep pushing their “plan” that has been around for many years, that is nothing more than an Arab solution, including taking millions of Palestinians back, another “take it or leave it” for Israel.  Now Gen. Al Sisi of Egypt is offering his good offices as an intermediary.  Very nice, but perhaps he should pacify the Sinai before he brings peace to Israel.

The question is, what will this peace be?  The aim is an absence of war and terrorism, but let’s ask truthfully, can the other side deliver?  The unequivocal answer is no!  First they are irrevocably split between the nationalist PLO (Fatah) of the PA, and the Islamist Hamas of Gaza.  If Pres. Abbas of the PA tries to make peace with Israel, he would be assassinated by Hamas and there will be a worsening of the situation.  Secondly, even if Abbas really did want to make peace, we see from the current so-called “knife intifada,” that the Palestinians are so indoctrinated against Israel and Jews from birth, that they simply could not accept peace.   Abbas couldn’t deliver peace even if he wanted to!  So what would be the point of negotiating and signing an agreement with him.

Another aspect of peace would be an improvement in economic development.  But, Israel is already developing economically, while the PA is in a total mess.  Furthermore, all the Arab countries are in economic meltdown.  Syria is a failed state in the midst of a terrible civil; war, so is Libya, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq.  Saudi Arabia is hurting financially because of the precipitous drop of oil prices, partly from its own doing (to undercut the competition) and partly because of other energy sources becoming available (US use of fracking and alternative sources like wind and solar).   So in fact there is no likelihood that the Palestinian Arabs could improve their economic situation even if there was “peace.”  They simply lack the organizational framework that is necessary for a functioning state.

Unless some diplomatic leader comes up with a new way to square the circle, I suggest we hold off on another fruitless “peace initiative.”  Might just as well mount another expedition to find the elusive unicorn.  Sometimes doing nothing is the best solution.



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