French Farce

The current French initiative for a Middle East Peace Conference in Paris, if it were a theatrical event would be a farce, like the Comedie Francaise.  First of all the process excludes Israel and the Palestinians, a novel concept.  Second, it seems that the great powers, led of course by France, will decide how peace will be achieved, and then tell the two sides how to achieve it.  They may want to impose a solution, but of course, they deny this.

On the other hand France has committed two blunders that have antagonized Israel and PM Netanyahu.  First they voted FOR a UNESCO resolution that omitted Israel’s historic connection to the Haram-al-Sharif, the name that the Muslims use for the Temple Mount, that is holy to Judaism.  In fact it was holy to Judaism for thousands of years before Mohammed arrived on the scene.  This is another in a series of steps that the Palestinians are taking at the UN to discredit the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and Israel.  It is simply wrong, yet France voted FOR it.  Now French Pres. Hollande and FM Ayrault, who is now visiting Israel, admit that it was a mistake, and won’t happen again.  Thanks a lot.

The second mistake was for France to announce in advance of the Conference that if Israel does not cooperate with the decisions of the Conference, they will recognize a Palestinian State anyway.  What kind of pathetic blackmail is this?   France will recognize a State that doesn’t exist and Israel is supposed to be afraid of this.  What nonsense.  Pres. Hollande also backed off on this threat, admitting that it should depend on the decisions of the conference that has not yet taken place.  Netanyahu has expressed extreme skepticism about this so-called conference, after all can France be considered to be an unbiased convenor of the conference given the above “mistakes.”   The Palestinians in principle support the idea of the Conference because they see it as resulting in international pressure on Israel (which always happens).  But, the Israeli view is quite the opposite, seeing the need for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians for any real peace agreement.

Let me remind you that France (with Belgium) is in the grip of a serious Islamist terrorist insurgency.  Muslims have been going through the center of Paris shooting people at will, and then blowing up the airport of Brussels.  Yet, they choose this time to tell Israel to recognize a Palestinian State that will undoubtedly, as things stand, be a hot-spot for Muslim terrorism, another in a series of places (Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Syria) that have been used by terrorists to train for their plans to destroy Israel and then France, Britain and the USA.  Let them put their own house in order before they try to sink us in the same mud that they have got themselves into.  They should organize a conference on how to combat Islamic terrorism, not on how to force Israel to accept their dictates for another terrorist state in the Middle East.


7 thoughts on “French Farce

  1. “On March 7 [of 1936 CE] he [Adolph Hitler] ordered troops to march into the Rhineland and occupy it. Surprisingly, French military forces did not retaliate.
    Hitler had taken possession of the region without firing a single shot.”

    Mein Kampf: Hitler’s Blueprint for Aryan Supremacy
    (page 69) by Duane Damon, year 2003 CE, Lucent Books,
    Michigan, ISBN10: 1560068000


  2. “Like many Americans with dreams of Paris who confront Paris, they have found that they are living in a grouchy, heavily over-administered country, where everyone is socialized to be negative in the first instance, and where the small details of life are made as wrenchingly difficult as possible…”

    The View from a Bridge by Adam Gopnik,
    The New Yorker magazine, 2014 December 8, page 45


  3. ===================================
    How French Police Handle Anti-Jewish Attacks

    Judge after judge told him [Sammy Ghozlan,
    a 72-year-old retired Paris police commissioner]:

    “There is no anti-Semitism charge applicable unless someone dies.”

    New Dangers for the Jews of Paris by Marie Brenner,
    Vanity Fair magazine, August 2015, page 114


  4. Rabbi Yisroel Reisman spoke out against those Jews who
    plan their vacations for locations like: Switzerland,
    FRANCE or Italy where the people hate Jews.

    [He said:]
    “It would be better to visit the Land of Israel to benefit
    from its holiness and help our brothers economically.”

    Flatbush Jewish Journal, 2010/6/17, page 32

    Rabbi Yisroel Reisman is a contemporary Orthodox Rabbi.


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