“Terrorist Tried in Palestine Authority”

Would you ever expect to read a title like this: “Terrorist Tried in Palestine Authority“?  The answer is never!  In the Palestine Authority they reward terrorists who kill Israeli Jews.  On the other hand, in Israel we try terrorists, even Jewish ones, and we punish them if they are found guilty of murder.  Two cases make this point clearly.

First, the case of the Jews who kidnapped and murdered a Palestinian Arab youth, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, in Shuafat in 2014, in revenge for the murder of three Israeli Jewish kids by Palestinian terrorists.  Khdeir was brutally beaten and his body set on fire while he was still alive. The Jewish murderers were quickly caught and tried, in two separate trials, the two minors and the older ringleader.  One of the minors was given a life sentence and the other 21 years.  The adult ringleader, Yosef ben David (31), whose mental condition is suspect, was recently also sentenced to life.

Second, the case of the IDF soldier who shot dead a Palestinian Arab terrorist after he was already wounded and was on the ground “neutralized.”  Sgt. Elor Azaria (19) is on trial for killing the terrorist, given that he exceeded operational directives and fired without an order and shot the terrorist without provocation.  A video of  the incident clearly shows Azaria shooting the terrorist while he is on the ground.  However, since he was a  terrorist and Azaria was in uniform, the charge was reduced to manslaughter.  Even PM Netanyahu stated that this killing was unacceptable behavior for an IDF soldier, although Defense Minister Ya’alon (formerly a General in the IDF) stated that we should not rush to judgement of a killing committed in the midst of an action.  The verdict has not yet been handed down in this case.

These cases prove that Israel is a State of laws, that treats serious crimes that are carried out by Jews against Arabs as it treats any other crime, since we have an independent judiciary.  In our system no-one is above the law.  Former President Katsav is in jail after being found guilty of rape and sexual abuse.  Former Ministers have been jailed, such as Aryeh Deri for corruption, and former PM Olmert for taking bribes.  We are a democratic humane society and you will never see any official glorification of Jewish terrorism as you see glorification of Arab terrorism against Jews in the Arab world.  In the PA, not only do they name schools and squares after so-called “martyrs,” but they pay a stipend to the family of the terrorists for each Jew killed.  This money comes from the donations of the EU,  UN.and US.




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