British Labor Party Anti-Semitism

I have no doubt that British Labor MP Naz Shah is sincere in her belief that Israel should be relocated to America in order to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict peacefully.  But, has she checked with the US Administration to see if they will take us, and who will pay for the transfer?  I have an alternative suggestion that I hope she and others, such as Ken Livingstone, will accept sincerely, namely that since there are fewer Palestinian Arabs than Israeli Jews and since the Arab countries are much closer than the US, it would be easier and more economical to transfer the Palestinians Arabs to the Arab world.  Most could go to Saudi Arabia, that has plenty of land and money and has been conspicuous in its unwillingness to accept Syrian refugees.  Some could also go to N. Africa and Europe.  I am sure Naz Shah would be happy to cooperate in this peace process by having many Palestinian refugees admitted to the UK.  After all, she is the one who proposed the principle of transfer to resolve the situation peacefully (this was published as a letter to the editor of The Jerusalem Post, May 3, 2016).

Ken Livingstone does not think he is being anti-Semitic when he says that Hitler supported Zionism because Hitler wanted to transfer Jews to Palestine before WWII.  This is guilt by association, like saying that Churchill was a Communist because he collaborated with Stalin to defeat Nazism.  Before the War the Zionist organizations, particularly the Revisionists, tried everything they could to get Jews out of Europe. But, who stopped them, the British, also the US and the international community. Remember the Conference at Evian in 1938, remember the German ship St. Louis that was not allowed to dock, remember the proposals to transfer Jewish children, all doomed to die.  No-one wanted to take the Jews, so Hitler concluded that he could kill them with impunity, which he did.  Notably the British prevented any Jews escaping Hitler from entering Palestine.  It is a very sad fact that the blood of hundreds of thousands of Jews who might have escaped to Palestine or elsewhere are on the hands of the British and Americans and others. That, Ken Livingstone, is anti-Semitism!

If they did no wrong why has the British Labor Party in all its sincerity suspended both Shah and Livingstone and now 50 more (most of them Muslims)!  Now they are having an investigation to determine if the Labor Party is indeed anti-Semitic.  The first thing they should do if they want to get rid of anti-Semitism is replace Jeremy Corbyn.  There is another problem with this whole issue, the media is infiltrated by anti-Israel leftists, so their reporting on this issue is not only suspect, but biased.  Therefore they try to confuse the issue, as do Labor Party apologists, with all sorts of extraneous issues, to try to dodge the bullet.  The fact is that the Labor Party is to a large extent anti-Semitic and so is a lot of the British public.  I experienced a great deal of anti-Semitism while growing up in Britain and that’s the main reason I left and am here in Israel, with a growing number of formerly British and French Jews.


5 thoughts on “British Labor Party Anti-Semitism

  1. Hi Jack May I copy and paste this article on Facebook. Perhaps note it as Anonymous writer?? It’s very interesting article and should be seen by all. Thanks

    Rose Rafael


  2. Very good article, Jack…………perhaps one of your blogs will be on the BBC’s blatant bias against Israel & Jews….and constant fact-twisting…..(read Hadar Sela’s posts if you do not already).


  3. Were you able to see Cameron defend Israel during Prime Minister’s Questions?
    Cameron asked Corbyn four times to renounce his proclaimed friendship with Hamas and Hezbollah. Corbyn responded by referring to Holocaust Remembrance Day, but did not respond to the question directly.
    Cameron pointed out that Hamas and Hezbollah believe in killing Jews, not just in Israel, but around the world.
    So proud of Cameron for not letting Corbyn get away with his blatant bias against Jewish people and Israel.


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