Many countries that criticize the so-called “occupation” by Israel of the “West Bank” are themselves founded on occupations.  For example:

  1. The USA: The USA occupied the territory of the indigenous peoples (so-called Indians) in New England, Ohio, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arizona and elsewhere and fought wars of extermination against them.  For example, there are no longer any native Americans in California.
  2. The UK: The UK became the United Kingdom in 1707 after the English had occupied and subjugated the Welsh, Scottish, and Irish peoples.
  3. Germany: Germany wrested control of the southern counties of Denmark named Schleswig-Holstein from 1848 on and then settled its own people there.  Of course, later Germany launched wars of occupation and extermination in 1914 and 1939.
  4. Russia: Most of Asiatic Russia was conquered from the indigenous inhabitants, many of them Muslim Tatars, over a period of several centuries.
  5. Canada was conquered from the “First Peoples,” Australia was conquered from the Aborigines, New Zealand from the Maoris.
  6. China: The Han people occupied the land of China in a series of historic wars.
  7. Japan: The Japanese defeated and exterminated the native Ainu peoples.
  8. South America;  All the countries of S. America were conquered and occupied by the armies of Catholic Spain and Portugal.
  9. The Arab World: Most of the Arab Muslim world results from the conquest of the former Byzantine Greek Empire that included Egypt and Syria.  These conquests included Spain, India, Indonesia and many former non-Muslim minorities.
  10. Turkey: Eastern Turkey consists of occupied Kurdistan and Armenia, and the northern third of Cyprus has been illegally occupied by Turkey since 1983.

It is in fact hard to find any country in the world that has not resulted from conquest and occupation.  The other countries of the world have not earned the right to pontificate and tell Israel what to do in a “holier than thou” hypocritical manner!

One might argue that all these conquests and occupations are ancient history that cannot be reversed, but that is not always true.  For example:

  1. Spain; the establishment of modern Spain is based entirely on the Reconquista, the reconquest of the Iberian peninsula by Christian armies from the Battle of Poitiers in 732, that prevented the Muslim conquest of western Europe, to the final victory in Granada in 1492.
  2. Armenia: Armenia was a great Christian Kingdom that was destroyed by the Muslim Turks and most of the Armenians were massacred in the genocide of 1915 during WWI.  Part of Eastern Armenia was occupied by Russia and was declared the Armenian Soviet Republic in 1922.  It became the independent sovereign country of Armenia on the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991.
  3. Ireland: Fought for and obtained its independence from England in 1937.
  4. British devolution:  During the past twenty or so years the United Kingdom has been forced to devolve more power to regional Parliaments in Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland.
  5. Israel: Israel was founded as a result of the reversal of the conquest of the formerly Jewish Land by the Arabs, another historic reconquest.

Many criticize Israel for supposedly “occupying” Palestinian territory.  This is sheer nonsense.

  1. The Jews are the indigenous people: the Arab Muslims came from Arabia in the 7th century ce (ad) and occupied the Land, and are upset that the Jews came and took it back!  International law, such as it is, is on the Jew’s side.  This fact was recognized in the Balfour Declaration of the British Government in 1917, the Treaties of San Remo and Locarno after WWI, and was ratified in the Mandate given to the British in 1922 by the League of Nations and subsequently ratified by the UN.  The Jews are the owners of the Land the British deliberately misnamed “Palestine.”
  2. The Jews won the war of extermination: When the UN declared Israel a State in 1948 the Jews won the war of extermination launched against it by 6 Arab armies (Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia).  As a result, all the civilized countries of the world and the UN recognized Israel as the Jewish State.
  3. The Palestinian Arabs are not occupied: The Palestine Authority was established as a result of the Oslo Accords of 1993 between the PLO and Israel.  After the withdrawal of Israel from the territories designated “A” in the Oslo II Agreement of 1995, Israel gave up control of 95% of the Palestinian Arabs residing in Judea, Samaria and Gaza to the PA.
  4. The Palestinian Arabs have never held sovereignty: In history there never was a separate Palestinian people identified as sovereign in this Land.  It was simply part of southern Syria.  The designation of Palestinian Arab was not used before 1967 when Israel won the 6-Day war against the invading armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

So the idea that Israel exists on so-called “occupied Palestinian Land” is mere propaganda.



2 thoughts on “Occupations

  1. Jack, you are incorrect about not all Native Americans in California. There are many. Personally I know many from the River people in Northern California to the Maidu, Paiute and Washo people in Eastern Sierras California. There are many rancherias that are making millions of dollars with casinos on there Rancherias. I, personally, have Native American ancestry, Los Gabielenos Indios- a Pomo people. Check your facts,


    • Apparently we are both right. I looked it up. According to Wikipedia, there are many native American tribes in California. But, they are usually quite small in number. According to history, the native American population of CA was reduced by 90% at the end of the nineteenth century, near extinction. I remember seeing a movie about an Indian named Ishi who was supposed to be the last of his entire nation, the Yana Indians, which I mistakenly remembered as all Indians in CA. He was studied in San Francisco and became a famous icon (look it up).


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