Chinese oppression

One of the most famous and effective lawyers in China, Pu Zhiqiangon,  has been officially disbarred and can no longer practice law.  The reason given is that he is a convicted criminal, since he was convicted by the Chinese courts, controlled by the Communist Party Government, of “causing trouble.”  In fact, he represented dissidents, including the famous artist Ai Wei-Wei, and openly wrote criticisms of Government/Communist Party decisions.  This is how the system works in China, disagree with the Communist Party and they will destroy you. It is estimated that in China some 18 lawyers are in jail and ca. 300 have been disbarred from practicing.  But, will there be a demonstration by the freedom-loving Western youth elite against the Chinese action at their Embassy in London, Paris or elsewhere.  The answer is no, since all the so-called Western youth elite are too busy demonstrating against Israel.

Tibet was occupied by China in 1950 and its culture and people have been brutally suppressed since the Tibetan uprising in 1959.  Have there been demonstrations against this total “occupation” and denial of freedom to a whole country and people by the elite of Western youth.  The answer once again is no, they are too busy supporting the BDS movement against Israel.  That is the fashionable fad of the leftist liberal youth of our day.  Am I surprised, of course not, the Arabs have managed to take control of the left movement in the West and redirect their anger and frustrations against the only democracy in their midst.  The Arabs don’t like democracy, it is a Western invention that they do not want to influence their own (corrupt and violent) form of governance.

The Palestinians have been the “poster boys” for the left movement for some time, but isn’t it getting somewhat passe now that the whole Arab world is in meltdown and the Arabs themselves (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, the Gulf States) fear Iran more than they fear Israel.   But, the Western youth haven’t caught up yet.  They are still wallowing around in the sentiments of the 1960’s-1990’s.  It’s a shame, because there are plenty of Syrians who would like their support and certainly many Tibetans and Chinese dissidents, who are rotting in prison.  But, forget it, they have much more important things to do, such as see to it that no-one in Britain eats anything produced on the West Bank.


3 thoughts on “Chinese oppression

  1. Jack, unfortunately it’s not just the western youth who are misguided–look at Bernie and the Peace Now baby boomers (not to be confused with the “Palestinian” baby bombers).


  2. Jack, please tell me exactly how one of my good friends in the U.S. can subscribe .  Some of my friends with whom I grew up are Christians and share many of our beliefs and feel they should, once again, read your articles….                                              Best from both of us for a Chag Pesach Sameach


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